Obama-Defender Laugh-Line of the Day

At the end of a short article at Mediaite by Andrew Kirell entitled “President Obama is not the same as Mitt Romney on gay marriage,” there’s this gem:

The distinction is clear: Obama is (perhaps ironically?) opposed to using the government to impose his views — however slippery they may be — onto everyone else.

And the crowd reacts:

Isn’t the Obamacare law at the Supreme Court right now mostly because of something called a mandate? Or how about the birth control mandate? Drilling moratoriums? Trying to force the market into “clean” energy by throwing taxpayer money into crony capitalism sinkholes? Job killing EPA regs? Executive Orders that skirt Congress? The list goes on.

Doesn’t use the government to impose his views… puh-leeeze!

(h/t American Glob)

Heh: Party Opposing Voter ID Laws Requires ID to Vote in Their Caucuses

Everybody’s well aware of the Obama administration’s position on voter ID laws, which is what makes this so rich with irony.

The Michigan Democratic caucuses were held this past Saturday. These were the rules in order to vote:

This Saturday, from 9 a.m. until noon, Michigan Democrats will hold caucuses around the state to choose Barack Obama as the Democratic candidate for president in 2012. While this may seem like a formality, there’s a bit more to it than that so you should plan to attend the caucus in your area on Saturday morning.

The caucuses give Democrats a chance to meet, discuss the election ahead, meet local candidates in an easy, conversational setting and to learn about the various ballot measures for petitions are currently being circulated. At some caucus sites, local candidates will give a brief speech about themselves. You’ll likely have petitions available to sign and you’ll get a chance to connect with other Democrats in your area.

Things will get started at 9 a.m. and the registration to vote at the caucus ends at 11 a.m. You must be 18-years old or older, registered to vote (or be eligible to vote in the November election and willing to pledge that you will register to vote by then) and in line by 11 a.m. to vote. You will be asked to sign a statement saying your are participating as a Democrat. Please bring an id (photo id is not required.)


(h/t Doug Ross by way of MOTUS)

Yikes: Michael Moore Sings

When it comes to Michael Moore, it’s difficult to decide which group of people I envy more: The blind, or the deaf.

Today it’s the deaf:

Filmmaker Michael Moore has made his debut as a folk singer with a remake of the Bob Dylan classic “The Times They Are A-Changin” for the upcoming Occupy Wall Street album, but with slightly altered lyrics.

“Occupy This Album” is a compilation CD of 99 songs featuring David Crosby & Graham Nash, Steve Earle, Tom Morello, Willie Nelson, Ani DiFranco, Third Eye Blind, Immortal Technique and Jackson Browne to be released Tuesday, May 15th.

All proceeds from the album will go to fund the Occupy Wall Street movement, with all the musicians and songwriters donating their time and music.

There are 99 songs. Get it? What clever multi-millionaires! If they weren’t hypocrites there would be only one song.

Here’s Moore (aka Fats Dumino) singing. Click “play” at your own risk:


Moore originally auditioned this song back in 2009 on the Tonight Show after an interview in which the only thing he compromised was the architectural integrity of the floor joists:


Cue Mr. Strickland from Back to the Future:


Bill Maher: Real Comedian

News flash: Bill Maher finally said something funny… unintentionally, of course. Actually there are a couple of hilarious jokes in this one paragraph:

“I think the second term for Obama is more important even than the first,” Maher said. “Obviously, it was important to get the first black president elected. But if the first black president only has one term, America reads that as a failure. This is what the right-wing hope and prays for more than anything else — that America looks at this one-term president and goes, ‘Well you know what? We tried a black guy, but it just didn’t work.’ And I think Obama is aware of that. That’s why he’s so conservative in the first term. He knows for the sake of black America, he needs the second term.”

Adding $5 trillion to the debt is conservative? I’d hate to see what Maher’s definition of a liberal term would have been.

As “for the sake of black America” goes, the best thing black Americans could do would be to vote Obama out. What’s better for “black America”? During Bush’s entire eight years, black unemployment never rose above 13 percent. When Obama took office, the black unemployment rate was 12.7 percent. Last year it got as high as 16.7 percent. In the latest BLS repoort, black unemployment dropped to 13 percent, but even the mainstream media is now forced to admit that the overall rate is dropping because people are giving up looking for work by the hundreds of thousands. The black youth (16 to 19) unemployment rate is around 40 percent and rising.

“For the sake of black America” they might want to try a different approach.

Become an ‘Occupy Angel’

A charitable cause way of the Party on the Right:

Everyday, helpless occupiers are arrested, and jailed. They are crying out for help.

For just $18 a month, only 60 cents a day, you can help rescue occupiers from their police state abusers.

Here’s the touching video. If this doesn’t make you shed a tear and dig deep to help these poor souls, nothing will:

Somebody at NATO Needs a Geography Lesson

One of the geography whizzes in the Obama administration must have had a hand in producing a new video from NATO promoting the upcoming summit in the host city, because Chicago is billed as the capital of Illinois:

“More than 60 heads of state and government will meet to discuss crucial matters of security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic area,” a narrator’s voice says as the five-minute video plays panning shots of Chicago. “And so, the leaders of the member nations of the organization created by the 1949 Washington Treaty will meet in the capital of Illinois this time.”

Of all the capitals in all the 57 states, NATO had to pick the wrong one.

The NATO video was fraught with errors, but for my money this is by far the funniest part:

“Al Capone made the city notorious,” the narrator says near the end of the video, “but today, it is clear that the gangsters’ days are over, and Chicago is rich in resources thanks in particular to the trans-Atlantic links.

Hahahaha! Those NATO folks are hilarious.

‘Julia’: Obama Campaign Hopes Introducing You to a Woman You’ll Be Supporting the Rest of Her Life Will Win Over Your Vote

Pitiful and desperate propaganda, even by Obama campaign standards, but thankfully it’s also quite mockable. They called it “Life of Julia” because “Life of a woefully dependent economic and social lamprey who can’t tie her own shoes without help from the government” wouldn’t fit on the masthead.

Here’s one example: “Julia” at age 27, and there’s good news! She doesn’t have to worry about her health care because birth control is free! (yes, these people are in charge of the educational system)


Well, you know how much action those web designers get!

What is it with Obama and all the hypothetical “composite” women?

Last month we learned how much all of Julia’s great free stuff and fringe benefits would cost:

President Obama’s proposed budget would add more than $9.7 trillion to the national debt over the next decade, congressional budget analysts said Friday. Proposed tax cuts for the middle class account for nearly a third of that shortfall.

The 10-year outlook released by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office is somewhat gloomier than White House projections, which found that Obama’s budget request would produce deficits that would add about $8.5 trillion to the national debt by 2020.

Julia probably doesn’t care because she can just pass the bill along to her kids.

Update: This is going around Twitter… the real-life Julia: