Paul Krugman on Solyndra: Come on, We’re Talking as if a Billion Dollars is a Lot of Money

This pretty much sums up how we got in the mess we’re in. Paul Krugman, whose Nobel Prize in Economics single-handedly discredited the Nobel Prize in Economics forever, unabashedly says the things the Obama administration thinks is afraid to say out loud. Krugman says a billion dollars isn’t a lot of money compared to the size of our economy. Well, $50 probably isn’t a lot of money compared to Krugman’s net worth, but I’m betting it would suddenly be a lot if I asked him to give it to me.

Another gem here is that Krugman claims Obama hasn’t gotten nearly everything he wanted. Sure, the Dems only had carte blanche for the first two full years of Obama’s presidency and passed anything and everything under the sun. I’d hate to see what condition the economy would be in if Obama hadn’t at least been kept a little in check since January of 2011.

Roll the Keynesian crackpot:

Krugman went on to say that it’s terribly unfair Obama is being judged on the failure of the economy. Yeah, well, it’s also terribly unfair to credible economists that Paul Krugman is referred to as an economist.

(h/t Weasel Zippers)

Author: Doug Powers

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