Daily Caller Reporter Interrupts Obama, Economy Left in Ruin

Judging from the over-the-top outrageous outrage to this incident with Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro, supporters of Obama are happy as hell that everybody has a brief distraction from the lousy economy and out of control debt spending:

Among the funniest reactions are that this is in some way unprecedented. I remember when Ronald Reagan was president that Sam Donaldson would routinely interrupt him, shouting questions under any conditions. Donaldson’s defenders in the field of journalism would say “asking tough questions is his job.”

Now, if a reporter blurts out a question to Obama somewhat out of turn, he’s — altogether now — racist!

Munro, who had the audacity to ask The One why he was favoring foreigners over American citizens, explains his side of the story:

Update: Sam Donaldson denies ever interrupting any president and rejects the comparison. I remember some situations in the 80’s differently, but I can’t find video evidence.

Author: Doug Powers

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