Obama Marked Down in Georgia?

Why would an Obamabot shell out $500 just to see a teleprompter from an obstructed view seat 50 yards away when they’re constantly being bombarded with offers to win dinner with The One for just three bucks?

In any case, in Georgia, the campaign has been forced to offer a new “blue light special” ticket tier:

A joint fundraising effort by the state party and the presidential reelect effort, the Atlanta reception was originally pushing three graduated ticket offerings: $10,000 to earn co-host billing, $1,000 for a sponsorship, and $500 for general admission.

But the state party emailed donors on Wednesday to say a new tier had been created for young professionals. This Gen44 offering, said to have limited availability, would run donors only $250 — half the original value of general admission chit.

“If Georgia Democrats can’t hawk a $500 reception with the President of the United States, they’re in worse shape than we knew,” a prominent Georgia Republican operative told the Tipsheet. “Guess their admission last month that the campaign would not pursue Georgia really depressed what little donor base remained here.”

You’re not alone, Mr. President:

Author: Doug Powers

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