7th Democrat Won’t Attend Party Convention Due to Prior Commitment to Re-Arranging Sock Drawer


If Dems up for re-election keep jumping from the sinking ship like this, by the time the convention rolls around they’ll be able to hold it in my garage… not that I’d let them.

From The Hill:

Rep. Jim Matheson (D-Utah) will skip the Democratic National Convention, making him the latest in a string of conservative Democrats to take a pass on the party confab.

“I’ll be spending my time this summer and fall doing my job in Congress and visiting with and listening to people in Utah,” Matheson told The Daily. “I won’t be traveling to North Carolina.”

Matheson is running in the most heavily Republican district of any Democrat in the House — the newly drawn district would have given President Obama just 41 percent of its vote in 2008. He’s routinely broken with his party, voting against their healthcare reforms as well as climate change legislation, though he’s said he’ll vote for Obama in the fall.
He’s the seventh Democratic officeholder to say he won’t attend the convention. Others include West Virginia Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin (D), Sen. Joe Manhin (D-W.Va.), and Reps. Nick Rahall (D-W.Va.), Mark Critz (D-Pa.), Kathy Hochul (D-N.Y.) and Bill Owens (D-N.Y.).

At this rate, what are the odds that Obama ends up skipping Obama’s convention?

Author: Doug Powers

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