Karl Rove… we don’t know who he is, but he must be stopped!



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  1. Marshall_Will on June 27th, 2012 12:29 pm


    Yo Dims! If you're going to astroturf "grassroots support" ( complete with professional grade, graphic design signs ) either EXPLAIN to these people WHY they are there or instruct them not to talk to anyone they don't recognize!

    How humiliating. For all parties involved.

  2. Truesoldier__ on June 27th, 2012 1:09 pm

    From what I have heard they had a class on just who Karl Rove was before the march. It appears that the majority of the attendees were not paying any attention.

  3. Marshall_Will on June 27th, 2012 1:16 pm

    Oh good Lord. You CAN'T be serious?

    The only 'spectacle' they've managed to create has been Ignorance on Parade. JFTR, never been a Rove fan but if you're going to malign someone?

    OT but got nominated as a local Precinct Committee Person and our coordinator is… just supremely confident going into the Fall. For any Blue State Rep./Tea Party member, I can't advocate reaching out to your like minded neighbors enough. Many times we're surprised to see ourselves ( yet again ) get 49% of the vote when we were SURE all along we're the only RR in town..?

  4. jeffythequick on June 27th, 2012 1:26 pm

    A better question:

    Who is John Galt?

  5. jeffythequick on June 27th, 2012 1:28 pm

    Maybe they're casting for a new movie:

    Dumb and dumber and dumberer and dumbererer and …

    Accurate, but hard to put on the marquees.

  6. Truesoldier__ on June 27th, 2012 2:06 pm

    If Obama gets re-elected I have a feeling we will find out.

  7. Patti on June 27th, 2012 2:11 pm

    "Dumb and dumber and dumberer and dumbererer and … "

    Obama Does Not Know What ‘Outsourcing’ Means

    Could somebody please get Barack Obama to shut up about “outsourcing” until some undergraduate aide has explained to him what the word means? As it stands, the president is showing himself an ignorant rube on the subject…

  8. Truesoldier__ on June 27th, 2012 2:22 pm

    Great link. This one by VHD is pretty good as well.

  9. jeffythequick on June 27th, 2012 2:24 pm

    "As it stands, the president is showing himself an ignorant rube on the subject… "

    Torturing some undergraduate with this task* is akin to asking a quadriplegic to play whack-a-mole with the hammer in his mouth. However, in the quadriplegic's defense, he would have a better chance than the undergraduate.

    *Correcting the President's clownery

  10. Truesoldier__ on June 27th, 2012 2:27 pm

    What I want to know is why the Romney camp doesn't hit back at Obama with this:

    Which is worse, Romney's Bain Capital offshoring jobs or the Obama Administration using taxpayer $'s to teach Phillipino call center employees English?

  11. SignPainterGuy on June 27th, 2012 2:28 pm

    Patti, sssssshhhhhhh !! ;-)

    I`ve been praying the libs, commies, dims would continue showing their true colors and ignorance n stuff, so anyone who`s paying any attention at all can see it; so far, the prayers are being answered ! It`s as if they just can`t help themselves ! Aaaah, ha ha ha haaaaa !!

  12. Marshall_Will on June 27th, 2012 2:29 pm

    Bammie's fatal flaw. His framework of knowledge DIED in the 70's! In fact he's always -sounded- like a 70's coffee shop revolutionary for those that bothered to listen.

    Loved the Milton Friedman "Then why not use spoons?" quote. Bammie to the t.

  13. SignPainterGuy on June 27th, 2012 2:38 pm

    There does seem to be no limit to dumberishness !

  14. SignPainterGuy on June 27th, 2012 2:45 pm

    TS, the first difference is; Bain uses private $$$, Zero uses taxpayer $$$. Bain`s investors "choose" to risk the $$$, whereas taxpayers have no choice !

  15. Patti on June 27th, 2012 2:49 pm

    Hey guys, check out this *comment* I came across……keeping with the *Dumb* theme…..

    When Obama stopped in at Master Lock in Milwaukee, Wisconsin last week, he was walking the plant and stopped to talk with a plant employee and looked up at the banner hanging on the wall and said to the worker and people around him, “It is great to be in a union shop, especially one as old as this union is ” – – – – pointing to the banner. He then said, “A Union shop since 1848″ – – – and then he went on to talk on what that banner stood for and how important it was to display it and show your union support.

    The worker then said to Obama that it was the flag of the State of Wisconsin – – which was founded in 1848.

    This was only reported by a local radio station in Milwaukee (1130AM) and not by the major news networks – – – they didn’t want to embarrass this “got no friggin’ clue” President!

    Since they didn’t do their job of reporting on this presidential visit, the only way for the news to get around is by us – on the Internet.

    Do your job; I just did mine, so voters will know what really happened here and just


    Ha !

  16. jeffythequick on June 27th, 2012 3:06 pm

    Anyone know the name of that magazine that, before his immaculation (h/t Rush) had him in the Oval Office doing the conservatives' worst fears?

    I think it was the New Yorker, but I'd like to look at it to see how many the Lib that made it got right.

  17. Marshall_Will on June 27th, 2012 3:06 pm

    Well, just a few things there. Most Filipinos don't NEED English lessons. They'd be aghast at the avg. HuffPo post!?@%#$

    As far as I know, the call centers there are and HAVE been doing just fine ( I own a Dell if you couldn't tell ) but if Porkulus $'s were adjudicated there, it only makes it all the more misdirected.

    In keeping with the "use spoons!" meme ( I can't recall growing up w/ anyone that said it was their 'dream' to work in a call center! ) Actually those jobs are highly competitive there and a college degree is a must.

  18. Truesoldier__ on June 27th, 2012 3:25 pm

    Bingo, and that is what I would love team Romeny to point out. It would really put things into perspective, not to mention it is just another occassion of Obama claiming his doing it is fine, but the other side doing it is evilllllll.

  19. Truesoldier__ on June 27th, 2012 4:07 pm

    O/T….Looks like Biden is back to plagerism. From the Weekly Standard:

    "The unemployed are in real trouble," Biden said. "My grandpa used to say, from Scranton, he’d say, ‘Joe, when the guy in Dunmore – the next town over – when the guy in Dunmore is out of work, it’s an economic slowdown. When your brother-in-law is out of work, it’s a recession. When you’re out of work, it’s a depression. It’s a depression for millions and millions of Americans."

    But the last bit is particularly curious since it sounds an awful lot like something President Ronald Reagan said.

    "A recession is when your neighbor loses his job," Reagan said during the 1980 presidential campaign. "A depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his."

  20. Marshall_Will on June 27th, 2012 4:24 pm

    Freaking Sherrif Joe. Whadd'a caffone. It's not even GOOD plagiarism.

    And why act like they GAF about the economy 'now'? They're not fooling anyone. What's your solution Joe, more training programs?

  21. Truesoldier__ on June 27th, 2012 4:32 pm

    More like food stamps for everyone seeing as Nancy Pelosi says they are the best bang for the buck for jump starting the economy.

  22. Truesoldier__ on June 27th, 2012 6:07 pm

    You know what would be real fun. Is to make up some person and conivne these protesters they need to show up to protest the person.

  23. jeffythequick on June 27th, 2012 6:12 pm

    Use John Galt… It'd be classic.

  24. SignPainterGuy on June 27th, 2012 6:38 pm

    It could be even better than Jimmy Kimmel`s stunt in NYC. He set up on the sidewalk with a poster and asked passersby to sign his petition "To End Women`s Suffrage" ! It was amazing to watch, especially women, yank the pen out of his hand to sign the sheet ! Heh !

  25. SignPainterGuy on June 27th, 2012 6:49 pm

    Another case I`d like to see Team Romney hammer Obama, Holder and Co. about are the differences between the Ops F&F and Bush`s Wide Receiver.

  26. jeffythequick on June 27th, 2012 7:21 pm

    They've been suffraging too much at the hands of men.

    Just ask Bill Clinton.

  27. SignPainterGuy on June 27th, 2012 7:40 pm

    Haven`t they though ? And those evil extremist Christians that want to take away their reproductive health rights ! It`s just EVIL I tells ya !

  28. Truesoldier__ on June 27th, 2012 7:55 pm

    No kidding. Or the difference between the special prosecuter for the Plame deal and the stonewalling of the special prosecuter when national security leaks are occuring in the WH.

  29. SignPainterGuy on June 27th, 2012 8:17 pm

    Plame was never a covert agent to begin with and she and hubs outed themselves by appearing on the cover and inside US or was it PEOPLE mag. ? And all the while, they knew it was Richard Armitage who leaked info, but Scooter Libby did the time. Fascinating !

  30. Obama bin Biden on June 28th, 2012 3:23 pm

    I needed a good laugh from a chiclet brain after a Chief Justice back stabbing.

    thanks, Doug.


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