Supreme Court Rules on Obamacare: Brace for Impact; Update: Obamacare Upheld Almost in its Entirety

Update: Et tu, Justice Roberts? The David Souter of the new millennium.

This isn’t the end of the trail. The only to get rid of Obamacare now is via the ballot box. A solid majority of Americans oppose, and Republicans running this year should keep that in mind. Stay focused and motivated and the left can still be crushed in November.

The individual mandate was ruled constitutional as a tax. So the long and short of it is, everybody’s taxes just went up and if you already have a health care plan you like, you probably won’t for much longer.

Well, today’s the big day. I’m covering the decision(s) today over at Michelle’s place, so keep up on that here. Normally I don’t cross-post, but something this big deserves to have two blogs going. The implications are many, for the nation as well as on the upcoming election. Put your head between your knees and brace for impact. No, your own knees, Mr. Clinton.

Also, this afternoon the House is expected to vote to find Eric Holder in contempt of Congress. We’ll probably get to that in a separate post.

Until the Supreme Court’s issues its ruling, enjoy this photo taken yesterday of Joe Biden using the Vulcan Mind Meld to suck the intelligence from an innocent bystander:


Author: Doug Powers

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