Due to His Ability to Remain Objective While Reporting on Google-Searched Tea Party Members Who Happen to Have the Same Names as Mass Murderers, ABC News Confirms Brian Ross Will Continue to Cover the Colorado Shooting Story

Fired? Hell no. Where Brian Ross works, what he did will probably earn him a promotion.

From Politico:

ABC News chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross will continue to cover the Colorado theater shooting for the network, despite his incorrect report early Friday morning drawing a possible connection between shooting suspect James Holmes and the Tea Party.

Ross reported on the shooting for Friday night’s edition of World News and again on Saturday’s edition of Good Morning America. A spokesperson with the network confirmed that Ross would continue to cover the fallout from the shooting for ABC.

While in Colorado, Ross is bound to see an anti Obama bumper sticker in the vicinity of Aurora. That should be enough for him to definitively re-connect the Tea Party to the theater shooting.

Author: Doug Powers

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