Good News for Romney: Obama Has No Plans to Bring Back the Teleprompter for Stump Speeches

This surprises me a little, because off-prompter Obama says what he really thinks even if he later tries to deny he didn’t say what he said:

The Obama campaign has no plans to change the president’s style on the stump in the wake of his “you didn’t build that” remark, which Republicans have seized upon in recent days to argue the president is out of touch on the economy.

Obama made the impromptu remark during a Virginia campaign address earlier this month when he was speaking without a teleprompter, referring occasionally to a binder of notes on his podium. The Hill reported last week that Obama would rely on the teleprompter less so that he could be more spontaneous and interact with his supporters at campaign appearances instead of reading from two glass panes.

The Obama campaign must really believe it’s more important for Obama to “connect” with his audience off prompter even though there’s a risk that what comes out of his mouth will be Marxist drivel and ad fodder for Romney rather than return to the scripted safety that TOTUS usage offers but that makes him appear more disconnected from the crowd.

If they do keep him off the prompter, at some point we’ll get more of these collectivist gems:

Author: Doug Powers

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