Mitt Romney has finished his acceptance speech, and I’m trying to get the kids’ stuff packed up for a mid-morning departure for a couple days off the grid. Well, maybe not entirely off the grid. I’m bringing my laptop just in case Joe Biden says or does something incredibly stupid that I can’t avoid commenting […]

As one highlight of the kind of brilliance you’re in for, his example for why we should follow his Marxist ideology in the US is Somalia. I also love how these “f*#k the rich” people are always clutching their Apple iPhones and Sony camcorders, blissfully unaware of why that’s so funny. (language warning): “It’s not […]

“Stand up, Motown!” The really sad thing is that this idiot is serious: “My dad used to say you measure a man or woman – it wasn’t whether they got knocked down, but how quickly they got up. And guess what? Detroit’s getting back up,” Biden told an estimated crowd of 1,100 packed into a […]

President Obama sneezed while arguing for his health care law and said Republicans were giving him a cold with threats to repeal it. Actually I think the real reason is that he’s becoming allergic to his own BS. You decide: As far as “safe sneezing” goes, Obama didn’t even pay attention to his own HHS […]

Revelations? The “climate crisis” has gotten so bad that it’s added an “s” to the book of Revelation. That said, I think Gore knows more about the Bible than he does about natural science — but that’s not saying much. Gore explains his latest sham upgrade: “The new information that I’ll be focused on in […]

This is the actual tribute to Neil Armstrong as it appears on President Obama’s Tumblr page that is operated by Organizing for America. The touching remembrance of the first human being ever to set foot on the moon of course features a photo of… Obama: Considering the level of humility that Armstrong demonstrated in his […]

Spotted being towed by an airplane above a recent Romney campaign event: Geniuses. So glad their side has wrested control of our health care. We shouldn’t hold these people accountable for their atrocious grammar or spelling — I mean, look at who they follow:

Here’s something you don’t see every day: Occupiers who are undeterred by the threat of a shower: The few hundred protesters gathered under rainy skies in a park about a half-mile from the GOP convention on Sunday said an impending hurricane that is supposed to dump heavy rains on Tampa won’t deter them from trying […]

Barack Obama’s Twitter account just grunted out this huge pile of BS under the words “make sure the women in your life know”: Sorry, Mr. President, but the women in my life aren’t dumb enough to believe that… unless of course “birth control” and “abortion on demand” are synonymous in the land of gumdrops, rainbows […]

2008 seems a lifetime ago, doesn’t it? President Barack Obama was forced to find another venue for a Virginia campaign event next week after the University of Virginia declined a request to use the campus. University officials had said Friday that they had met with the campaign about using one of its outdoor venues on […]

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