Short Vacation Time

Mitt Romney has finished his acceptance speech, and I’m trying to get the kids’ stuff packed up for a mid-morning departure for a couple days off the grid. Well, maybe not entirely off the grid. I’m bringing my laptop just in case Joe Biden says or does something incredibly stupid that I can’t avoid commenting on. But for the most part I’ll be taking it easy until Monday or Tuesday.

Romney’s speech aside, what did you think about Clint Eastwood’s “mystery guest” appearance? For me, it was so different, odd and unorthodox that I couldn’t help but appreciate it. “Invisible Obama” — either Clint’s losing his mind or he’s a genius at symbolism. My money’s on the latter:

Back Monday… Tuesday at the latest. Happy Labor Day weekend!

Convention Protester of the Day: F*#k the Rich

As one highlight of the kind of brilliance you’re in for, his example for why we should follow his Marxist ideology in the US is Somalia.

I also love how these “f*#k the rich” people are always clutching their Apple iPhones and Sony camcorders, blissfully unaware of why that’s so funny. (language warning):

“It’s not jobs we need, it’s housing.”

Critical thinker, this one.

(h/t Fox Nation)

Plugs: Detroit ‘Getting Back Up’


“Stand up, Motown!”

The really sad thing is that this idiot is serious:

“My dad used to say you measure a man or woman – it wasn’t whether they got knocked down, but how quickly they got up. And guess what? Detroit’s getting back up,” Biden told an estimated crowd of 1,100 packed into a narrow hallway at Renaissance High School Wednesday.

Detroit’s unemployment rate remains more than a point above the national average, sitting at 9.7 percent in June, but over the past three years, the unemployment rate in the city has decreased dramatically from its 27.8 percent rate in July 2009. Michigan’s unemployment rate rose last month, jumping from 8.6 percent in June to 9 percent in July.

If their example of a “success story” is Detroit, Obama’s in serious trouble in November.

The reason for the unemployment drop in Detroit is a numbers game. People living there who can’t afford to leave have seen their benefits run out, given up looking for work and therefore they are no longer counted as unemployed. There is no massive economic renaissance going on in Detroit, as Joe Biden hopes everybody is dumb enough to believe. A couple hundred thousand people have fled Biden’s example of a resurgent local economy just since Obama took office. I guess they just couldn’t handle the awesomeness of it all.

Crowder made the video below about two and a half years ago, and things haven’t gotten much better — if at all. Part of the cause of this kind of ruin is because of liberals trying to “help,” so the odds that the policies of Obama/Biden are allowing the same place “get back up” are slim and none — like trying to cure emphysema by prescribing cigarettes:

I’m going to a Tigers game in about three weeks. If I get a chance I’ll stop and take some pictures of just how well Detroit’s “getting back up” according to Plugs.

Goracle: Every Night on the News is Like a Nature Hike Through the Book of Revelations [sic]

Revelations? The “climate crisis” has gotten so bad that it’s added an “s” to the book of Revelation. That said, I think Gore knows more about the Bible than he does about natural science — but that’s not saying much.

Gore explains his latest sham upgrade:

“The new information that I’ll be focused on in this new version of the slideshow includes a lot of the new startling evidence linking these extreme weather events around the world to the climate crisis. It’s really no longer a legitimate question for doubter debate–I know there are some people that don’t like to hear it put that–but people around the world are suffering from the consequences of the droughts, and the heatwaves, and the extreme flooding events, and the unprecedented winds storms, and the fires. It’s really gotten to the point now where it’s kind of absurd for anybody to say, ‘Hey, nothing’s going on. What’s wrong?’ July was in the U.S. the hottest month ever measured. And, globally, nine of the 10 hottest years ever measured have been within the last 10 years. This is the 337 month in a row where temperatureswere higher than the 20th century average. And the fact that the news media does not report it in that context — every night on the news now, practically, is like a nature hike through the book of Revelations.

Judging by how Al’s looking these days, every night is more like a hike through his refrigerator.

Hey, doesn’t the book of Revelation warn against falling for the deception of a False Prophet — agent of the Beast? I’m just asking…

Obama Honors Neil Armstrong as Only Obama Can

This is the actual tribute to Neil Armstrong as it appears on President Obama’s Tumblr page that is operated by Organizing for America.

The touching remembrance of the first human being ever to set foot on the moon of course features a photo of… Obama:


Considering the level of humility that Armstrong demonstrated in his life, this speaks hilarious volumes.

Obama does have a way of inserting himself into history though.

Isaac to Dump on GOP Convention Protesters


Here’s something you don’t see every day: Occupiers who are undeterred by the threat of a shower:

The few hundred protesters gathered under rainy skies in a park about a half-mile from the GOP convention on Sunday said an impending hurricane that is supposed to dump heavy rains on Tampa won’t deter them from trying to get out their message that America needs to change, especially for the middle class.

Giant blocks of ice spelling out the words “middle class” are melting on a warm, sticky days. Occupy protesters say it represents the melting away of the middle class in America.

That message rings true for 52-year-old Tom Gaurapp and Cheryl Landecker from Freeport, Ill. Both worked for Sensata Technologies in the city of some 25,000 people and say 170 jobs there, including their own, were outsourced to China. Occupy is a left-leaning protest group of people in their mid-20s who generally believe that the financial system is stacked against a majority of people.

Gaurapp and Landecker say that just a few years ago, they never would have considered joining such a protest.

“But then again, we wouldn’t have dreamed our jobs would have gone to China,” Gaurapp said.
The weather isn’t a deterrent to 52 year-old Donald Butner, who says he’s been sleeping at the Occupy camp in Tampa for a few months and that “we’re here, baby, rain or shine. The weather is going to do what it is going to do.”

Maybe he’d have better luck finding a job if he wasn’t sitting for months at a time in Camp Stinky waiting for somebody to come and hire him… ya think?

Obama: The Republicans might even ban birth control!

Barack Obama’s Twitter account just grunted out this huge pile of BS under the words “make sure the women in your life know”:


Sorry, Mr. President, but the women in my life aren’t dumb enough to believe that… unless of course “birth control” and “abortion on demand” are synonymous in the land of gumdrops, rainbows and unicorns.

It isn’t difficult to remember why this all started. The Obamacare mandate is trying to force the Catholic church to go against their religious principles, and the church is fighting the mandate. But now Obama is trying to frame his blatant attack on religious freedom as a Republican attempt to limit or ban birth control. That’s a seriously mentally ill argument.

Cavalier Attitude: University of Virginia Declines Request to Host Obama Campaign Event


2008 seems a lifetime ago, doesn’t it?

President Barack Obama was forced to find another venue for a Virginia campaign event next week after the University of Virginia declined a request to use the campus.

University officials had said Friday that they had met with the campaign about using one of its outdoor venues on Wednesday.

But school officials determined that holding the event there would cancel or disrupt classes on the semester’s second day and would shut down adjacent buildings for the entire day.

And it sounds like somebody has heard about the Obama campaign’s penchant for stiffing the locals when it comes to paying the security freight:

The other reason the public university declined the president’s request was that they would have been asked to take on the full cost of security and because they enjoy federal and state tax exempt status would have to offer the same opportunity to Mitt Romney to avoid accusations of bias.

And in this economy, who can afford it?