238 Acre Beach on Long Island to be Shut Down Entire Day for Obama Fundraisers


From the Connecticut Post by way of White House Dossier:

The popular Sherwood Island State Park in Westport will be closed Monday because President Barack Obama plans to use it as a helicopter base for his nearby campaign-fundraising stops.

At the height of the summer vacation and beach season, the 238-acre beach on Long Island Sound will be shut down all day so the president can use the park to arrive for and depart from private, high-roller fundraising events, culminating with a $35,800-a-head gathering for the glitterati at movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s waterfront Westport manse.

Thousands of discouraged bathers may be turned away and the state will lose parking fees of $9 for state residents and $15 for out-of-state cars.

House Minority Leader Lawrence F. Cafero Jr., R-Norwalk, charged Friday “it’s outrageous” that the regional destination will be shut down for the entire day for private political reasons.

“Could you imagine if a Republican ever did such a thing? They’d be screaming from every corner,” Cafero said. “This is supposed to be the party and the president of the people? To close this state park in August for purely partisan political reasons is outrageous. People are going to be on their one-week vacation and they can’t get into Sherwood Island?”

These are the same people that just said Romney has a “let them eat cake” attitude?

Author: Doug Powers

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