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EASTON, Pa. (CBS) – An Occupy Easton protester faces an attempted bank robbery charge following an arrest at an organized event at a bank – during which the “Occupier” was holding a sign that reportedly read “You’re being robbed.”

According The Express-Times, Dave Gorczynski allegedly held cardboard signs outside a Wells Fargo Branch that read, “You’re being robbed,” while the other said, “Give a man a gun, he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he can rob a country.”

Occupy Easton reports on their Facebook page that Gorczynski “was at the bank protesting the theft of our tax dollars, our homes, and our economy by the criminal banksters.”

Gorczynski allegedly did the same thing a short time later inside a Bank of America, prompting an employee to activate the panic alarm – reports The Express Times.

The guy has a defense and bail fund donation page — says he was protesting the theft of “our” tax dollars. I’ll believe that when he produces a W-2 for examination.


15 Responses to “Super Genius Occupier Arrested After Holding ‘You’re Being Robbed’ Sign in Bank”

  1. backwoodsconsr on August 8th, 2012 5:44 pm

    A born Democrat.

  2. Truesoldier__ on August 8th, 2012 6:03 pm

    Too bad that don't have a stupidity plea….this guy could claim stupidity without a doubt.

  3. Truesoldier__ on August 8th, 2012 6:05 pm

    "says he was protesting the theft of “our” tax dollars."

    More like he needs to stop siphoning everyone elses tax $'s and actually get a job.

  4. Truesoldier__ on August 8th, 2012 6:06 pm

    "I’ll believe that when he produces a W-2 for examination."

    Now Doug, you know that producing your W-2's is only something that you are allowed to beat up Republican candidates over……/sarc

  5. backwoodsconsr on August 8th, 2012 6:21 pm

    So stupid he doesn't even know he is stupid.

  6. Marshall_Will on August 8th, 2012 6:29 pm

    Easton, PA
    Crime rates (2008)
    Crime type Rate*
    Homicide: 7.7
    Forcible rape: 49.9
    Robbery: 299.2
    Aggravated assault: 245.5
    Violent crime: 602.2
    Burglary: 602.1
    Larceny-theft: 3,068.4
    Motor vehicle theft: 253.2
    Arson: 42.2
    Property crime: 3,923.8

    Yep, veritable hotbed of crime… Yeah, nice community, nice people, mostly hardworking no doubt. And where does it GET ya'? Here's your turnkey Occupy In A BOX 'Movement'… Thanks a-holes.

  7. Marshall_Will on August 8th, 2012 6:35 pm

    Update: Charges being dropped against "Nature Dave"

    Pretty much in keeping w/ Truesoldier's GSA Hands off our Occupiers Obama Policy link from earlier. So there's no WAY it'll encourage more of the same? Oh wait, it already has.

  8. Truesoldier__ on August 8th, 2012 7:01 pm

    Now you have Obama complaining that Michelle doesn't get paid to be the first lady…WTF…..

  9. Marshall_Will on August 8th, 2012 7:12 pm

    He's just getting p!ssy b/c the ol' fees from sitting on do-nothing boards/re-invest in courting donors/higher political office trifecta has dried up for He and Her Highness.

    Or as RedDog at MM's said yesterday "The Political Industry".

  10. Truesoldier__ on August 8th, 2012 8:37 pm

    One of the Super PAC's should make an aid with Obama saying this garbage and then flashing to scenes of Meanchelle vacationing in Aspen, Spain, Martha's Vineyards, etc. then ask hasn't she spent enough tax payer $'s Mr. President?

  11. SignPainterGuy on August 8th, 2012 9:54 pm

    What sort of gun posession outside-the-home laws are in effect in Easton, PA ?

    Does the (*) indicate (per 100,000) ? The decimals would seem to imply so.

  12. SignPainterGuy on August 8th, 2012 9:56 pm

    EXCELLENT idea !

  13. SignPainterGuy on August 8th, 2012 9:58 pm

    I`m sure somewhere there`s a WH order for LEOs to lean on Tea Partiers to provoke some of that innate violence we`re known for !

  14. jeffythequick on August 9th, 2012 12:34 pm

    Stay tuned…

    I'm tired of coming up with great ideas, so I'm seizing the first amendment and making my own.

    You'll know about it here first, but give me a week or two to get the first one out.

  15. Marshall_Will on August 9th, 2012 1:25 pm

    I'd love to do a weekly installment, much like Bill Wittle has done, his Eat The Rich expose was hysterical! Well it would be assuming social justive perverts weren't 'serious' regarding their assertions?

    So many of us have lamented MM abandoned her vid's on Hot Air and we got the biggest kick out of them! My working title is something preposterous like "Perspectives, with Marshall Will!"

    Each episode finds me ( or guest host ) in a completely disheveled state ( representative of the utter disarray Conservatives found themselves in 2000-2010 ) on the FLOOR of the studio, awakened by yet another Repressive agenda all out attack.

    Ever composed, we debunk libtard talking points not so much with boring facts ( which is what they always hope for ) but w/ the common sense of a bartender cutting someone off. By conclusion, the tux is ironed out, bloodshot eyes now white and bright. With foes defeated and the valet's delivered Jaguar, we're OFF!

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