Paul Ryan — a Good Choice


Of the pool of possible picks for Romney’s running-mate, Paul Ryan is a good choice. He’s proven in the past time and time again that he’s one of those rarest of politicians: One who has the gall to actually try to solve problems rather than just offer empty rhetoric or propose as a solution more of what caused the problem in the first place. The Wall Street Journal wrote that the Ryan pick “all but ensures the election will turn to deep philosophical divisions between the two parties over spending.” That’s a good thing.

Dems as usual will go into “Paul Ryan will get rid of Medicare and push old people off a cliff” mode, but they’d have done that no matter who the pick was. It was nice to see Romney confront this head-on instead of trying to avoid some controversy by choosing a more benign running-mate with no national record.

Speaking of that, some comedians on the left were out this morning trying to dismiss Ryan as having — get this — little significant private sector experience. Hahahaha! I guess that means he never organized communities. Also, some are saying Ryan lacks enough experience in Washington politics. Ryan is a seven term Representative. Obama was a US Senator for, what, two years? Oh, and I also heard somebody on TV this morning say that Ryan doesn’t have any foreign policy experience. Again… seriously people? Oh, and news flash… Paul Ryan is a white guy.

Downsides? Sure… in my opinion anyway. For example, Ryan reluctantly voted for the TARP bailouts while saying “this bill offends my principles but I’m going to vote for it to preserve my principles.” If that sounds familiar, it should. So… nobody’s perfect, but I think Romney made a pretty good choice all in all.

Prediction: At some point during Ryan’s debate with Biden in October, Pluggers will refer to him as “son” or “kid.”

Just for kicks, here’s a flashback to 2009 to a “round table” hosted by President Barack “I won” Obama where Paul Ryan completely dismantled the “health care law reduces spending” claim:

In fairness, Ryan is no fan of Romneycare either.

Author: Doug Powers

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