Obama Determined to Win the Election One Beer at a Time


The economy is in the tank and there’s nothing for him to campaign on except tired excuses and lies, so now President Obama’s newest slogan seems to be “drunk enough to believe you’re better off than you were four years ago, America?”

He bought beers for several people at the Iowa State Fair, and now he’s even carrying brew on his bus to give away:

A surprising anecdote from a White House pool report this morning:

Campaign official also offers up that potus was talking about white house beer, which apparently the white house brews, she said, and one cafe patron requested a bottle, so potus sent out to Ground Force One and gave him one.

And, in a subsequent pool report from press secretary Jay Carney’s gaggle, we get this:

There was some extended discussion about beer brewery at the white house, which turns out a light and dark beer that carney said he had seen the president drink. No comment on how often Obama travels with beer.

He’ll probably be shooting beers out of a converted hot dog cannon by the time it’s all over.

Semi-related: Perfect headline.

Update: Some beer drinkers might enjoy Obama’s presence…. beer sellers, maybe not so much.

Author: Doug Powers

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