Todd Akin Ad: Sorry About That Stupid Thing I Said About Rape… Forgive Me?

Missouri voters are looking for any excuse under the sun to rid the Senate of Obama lackey Claire McCaskill. In one idiotic statement, Todd Akin blew his big lead, gave McCaskill new life and could even cost the Republicans a chance at taking control of the Senate.

Forgive him?

When you’re already doing a “please forgive me” ad during the campaign, you’re toast.

Yes, these were just words — it’s not as if Akin had a rest stop romp with a 17 year old boy or did his own rendition of Larry Craig’s hit song “Tap three times on the stall partition if you want me,” but what he said was irretrievably ludicrous. This election is huge, and in the big game, if one of your players makes a dumb mistake at a crucial time, you pull him. At the very least Akin would be nothing but an unnecessary distraction from this point on.

The NRSC has placed Akin on the red-headed stepchild list, and much of the GOP wants him to step aside. Will he? I don’t see how it can be avoided.

Update: Yet another apology ad from Akin:

(h/t Michelle M)

Author: Doug Powers

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