“Stand up, Motown!”

The really sad thing is that this idiot is serious:

“My dad used to say you measure a man or woman – it wasn’t whether they got knocked down, but how quickly they got up. And guess what? Detroit’s getting back up,” Biden told an estimated crowd of 1,100 packed into a narrow hallway at Renaissance High School Wednesday.

Detroit’s unemployment rate remains more than a point above the national average, sitting at 9.7 percent in June, but over the past three years, the unemployment rate in the city has decreased dramatically from its 27.8 percent rate in July 2009. Michigan’s unemployment rate rose last month, jumping from 8.6 percent in June to 9 percent in July.

If their example of a “success story” is Detroit, Obama’s in serious trouble in November.

The reason for the unemployment drop in Detroit is a numbers game. People living there who can’t afford to leave have seen their benefits run out, given up looking for work and therefore they are no longer counted as unemployed. There is no massive economic renaissance going on in Detroit, as Joe Biden hopes everybody is dumb enough to believe. A couple hundred thousand people have fled Biden’s example of a resurgent local economy just since Obama took office. I guess they just couldn’t handle the awesomeness of it all.

Crowder made the video below about two and a half years ago, and things haven’t gotten much better — if at all. Part of the cause of this kind of ruin is because of liberals trying to “help,” so the odds that the policies of Obama/Biden are allowing the same place “get back up” are slim and none — like trying to cure emphysema by prescribing cigarettes:

I’m going to a Tigers game in about three weeks. If I get a chance I’ll stop and take some pictures of just how well Detroit’s “getting back up” according to Plugs.


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  1. Truesoldier__ on August 29th, 2012 3:45 pm

    No surprise. What Biden is really saying is their supporters in Detroit need to get up and go seek help from the feds. After all the feds say the problem is not enough people are seeking help:

    "Given that only 15 percent of you turn to government assistance in tough times, we want to make sure you know about benefits that could help you,” announced today. The ”government made easy’ website has created a “help for difficult financial times” page for people to learn more about the programs."

  2. SignPainterGuy on August 29th, 2012 4:03 pm

    Unions and progressivism destroyed Detroit. Biden thinks more of the same will cause it to stand back up. Half-ish of the country believes him.

  3. Marshall_Will on August 29th, 2012 4:36 pm

    "Given that only 15 percent of you turn to government assistance in tough times, we want to make sure you know about benefits that could help you,”

    And Obama won't REST until 51% of you turn to the government FIRST! Crowder is great and the vid could've been made at any time. Seriously, they have bear sightings within city limits?

  4. Marshall_Will on August 29th, 2012 5:16 pm


    Just wishing a bit of extra luck for Rob McKenna in tonight's debate. The nation will be watching closely.

    "Inslee has proposed a new Office of Economic Competitiveness and Development. He says its goal will be to connect the variety of economic activities in the state and give them more "credibility when working with the private and public sectors." He also proposed giving small businesses a Business and Occupation tax credit." ( Really? )

    See.., I think this goes hand in hand w/ what we discussed yesterday with every Dim being FORCED to play ball. Didn't hear a lot of fluffy H & C in there and AFAIK Inslee isn't backhandedly 'endorsing' Occupy Anywhere? Like 2010 they're distancing themselves from the pRez, have no knowledge of healthscare and are running as Republicans!

  5. Truesoldier__ on August 29th, 2012 5:23 pm

    Inslee just got caught cheating on his 2009 taxes. Or as he puts it he discovered a "discrepancy" and has taken steps to rectify the situation.

    Not to mention Inslee and the Dem party just got a $50,000 campagin donation…..from JZ Knight (yes the Ramtha guru). Somehow I doubt that association is going to help him, or the Dems, much here in WA ST.

    The good thing is Rob is generally a likable guy; whereas Inslee tends to rub people the wrong way. I remember the first time I met Rob, it was at a fundraising event for a county commision seat candidate. A good friend of mine invited me to go so that I could meet the commision seat candidate in hopes that I would help out with the campaign (she knows I will not commit to anything till I meet the candidate and have a bit of face to to size them up). My second oldest son and I were chating when Rob came up and introduced himself to my son (who was 10 at the time). The two of them talked for about 15 minutes. It made my sons night to not only meet the state AG, but to be able to tell his liberal teacher about it the next day (knowing it would drive her crazy).This was back in 2010.

  6. archer on August 29th, 2012 5:44 pm

    “Detroit’s unemployment rate remains more than a point above the national average, sitting at 9.7 percent in June, but over the past three years, the UNEMPLOYMENT RATE IN THE CITY HAS DECREASED DRAMATICALLY from its 27.8 percent rate in July 2009. Michigan’s unemployment rate rose last month, jumping from 8.6 percent in June to 9 percent in July.”

    Decreased dramatically??
    Here’s why –

    A left wing news service reports that during the Zero administration Detroit population declined by 1 person every 22 minutes.

    Think of the implications.

    Safe bet that those who left the city were in the just under 28 percentile of unemployed. And its not because they have a good job and income and are union members and work for GMC.

    Bet the drunken uncle didn’t mention that.

  7. Marshall_Will on August 29th, 2012 6:00 pm

    Wow, great story! To be honest, Mrs. Will was never all that 'enamored' of the Tea Party until some of the folks took the time to speak w/ her like a real person. It's motivating when you look at your Inbox and can say; "Oh, I've met that GUY!"

    Ahem, I'm probably a good deal more forgiving when it comes to "tax discrepancies" than most. I realize MM has her job to do but… sometimes it comes off a little, preachy.

    My HUMBLE experience has been, every DAY you do not have a tax problem is just a day CLOSER 'to' having a tax problem! Granted Geithner and Laura Richardson make for easy targets but you DO NOT have to be some sort of "scofflaw" to get your boo-boo in a wringer. IMHO

  8. Granny55 on August 29th, 2012 6:20 pm

    Doug – when you are at the game – watch out for the two guys hawking t-shirts that say:

    F%$KING (Completely spelled out)

    I sh!t you not – and they are screaming it at the top of their lungs. Two cops standing right there as families filtered out of the stadium – it was a sold out game. Everyone was complaining to the cops and they just shrugged their shoulders. It was completely disgusting.

    Yeah – Detroit is just a swirling toilet – it ain't going no where.

  9. Granny55 on August 29th, 2012 6:32 pm

    SPG – Don't forget Detroit was LBJ's experiment. He poured $$$$$$$$$$ into public housing and poverty programs to make it a "model" city. After billions and billions of state and federal money in the ensuing years – 50 yrs later Detroit is one big hell hole and 100% worse off than when this experiment started. Basic services are almost gone. Half of the fire trucks don't work, half of the police cars are broken down (but city council clowns all have brand new cars), more than half of the street lights don't work, public schools that do not even graduate 65-75% of it's students and the city bus system is always off schedule by sometimes an hour. The list goes on and on. The people who ran it into the ground are finding out that all the money to be stolen from the cookie jar is gone.

  10. Truesoldier__ on August 29th, 2012 7:03 pm

    It may very well be that his discrepancy was an honest mistake, but considering that he is playing the whole "Rob McKenna is just like Mitt Romney and wont release his tax returns" I find it kind of ironic.

  11. Marshall_Will on August 29th, 2012 7:09 pm

    "Two cops standing right there as…"

    It's a basic indoctrination for the kiddies. And the msg. is:

    "You don't PAY me enough to care. If your PARENTS weren't such a bunch of 'tightw@ds' with the tax dollars you might've been able to hold onto your innocence a little longer?"

  12. Marshall_Will on August 29th, 2012 7:14 pm

    All to which we can only say, if public employees were on the verge of the Poverty Line, scraping to get by and receiving little if ANY in terms of pensions, then YES! you progs might have a point on taxation levels?

    But we're not there are we? Putting basic services on the back burner while PEU's enjoy the bounty is something Detroit seems to have perfected for the rest of us?

  13. Marshall_Will on August 29th, 2012 7:42 pm

    That's a whole other matter. And if you're going to live in a glass house?

    It's part of what makes Dim's so annoying. They have this one-string-guitar and they keep twanging away on it. Yet every 2 to 4 hours Doug and/or MM have fresh dirt on them to post.

    And they're just hitting the high notes!

  14. jeffythequick on August 29th, 2012 8:01 pm

    If only it were swirling… then, at least it would flush, and cleaner water could wash out what effluent was in there, but no, this thing is plugged.

  15. backwoodsconsr on August 29th, 2012 9:58 pm

    Stand down, Biden.

  16. jeffythequick on August 30th, 2012 12:25 am

    Apparently we know who the flyer of these airplanes is:

    It's Ron from a couple of days ago!

    I sent him a tweet asking which woman he was talking about…

    Brad Woodhouse
    Democratic Party Communications Director, Husband, Father, Fisherman, BBaller, Political and Pro Football Junkie

  17. Marshall_Will on August 30th, 2012 11:10 am

    From last night's McKenna/Inslee Debate:

    "The candidates fought over how jobs should be created in the state. McKenna argued that Inslee’s plan would mean *the state would be in the business of business*.

    “If you read the congressman’s jobs plan he says he wants to invite the private sector to join him in restructuring the state’s economy. … It’s not the state’s job to restructure the economy,” he said. “It’s the state’s job to reduce burdens of job creators to let them do what they do best, which is to act on their entrepreneurial instinct.”

    He also said the government shouldn’t be in *the business of picking winners.*

    Inslee fired back by saying that his plan is not about government restructuring at all or that it is the responsibility of government to pick winners."

    ( And who said being a Conservative just-a-blogger was a waste of time! ) We're totally restructuring the context, content and discussion! Only a few years ago the debate was centered on HOW should Government Pick Winners & Losers?

  18. Truesoldier__ on August 30th, 2012 12:08 pm

    It was awesome how Rob McKenna had Inslee on the defensive. Nice to see for a change.

    Not to mention Inslee's answer about the reason small businesses strugling was just crazy:

    “What we are proposing are common sense ideas that will help innovators to innovate,” he said. “We now know we need a governor to do some common sense things to get access to broadband, so that small businesses, if you’re in a rural area, you can sell your product around the world because you’ve got access to broadband.”

    Yeah, I am sure that is the whole problem for small businesses…lack of broad band access. That is just insane, which is par for the course for dems

  19. Marshall_Will on August 30th, 2012 1:06 pm

    My jaw dropped when I read the broadband comment. Welcome to 1996! ( Was Inslee referring to China's rural companies? )

    Yeah hey dude…. does anyone in America NOT have BB? Let's not talk about the -doubling- of FUEL prices! Let's not talk about the uncertainty O'Scare has created for those 'innovators'..? To anyone w/ half a brain Inslee came off as clueless.

    Score 1 for Rob!

  20. Truesoldier__ on August 30th, 2012 1:33 pm

    He can't talk about high gas prices as that would give Rob a chance to point out that WA ST has one of the highest gas taxes in the country and some of the crapiest roads to show for it. It would also give Rob a chance to show how Olympia taxes itself on road projects so as to skim money from roads to put in the general fund so they can spend it on roadside art work and what not.

    Of course the sad thing is no matter how much Rob scores it is really going to come down to turnout. The only reason I believe that Rob has a chance is that voter turnout in Seattle and Olympia may be down due to Obama's flailing campaign. As long as the libs are disillusioned with Obama (the still complain he did not go hard left enough) then Rob has a good chance of winning.

    Right now the polls are within the margin of error, so of course here in WA ST you have to give the nudge to the dem as we have seen just how far King County will go to push the dem over the top in a close election.

  21. Marshall_Will on August 30th, 2012 3:17 pm

    Yes, roadside 'artwork' and EV charging stations. Nothing like tax $'s well SPENT I say?

    I wouldn't say it's a 'sad' thing this comes down to turnout though. Oh granted, WA hasn't a GOP-gov since St. Helens blew ( that'll make ya' feel old ) so we down here in Washington's Mexico get it!

    But this is what MM's version of "I don't KNOW? Roll up your sleeves and fight like hell!" looks like. Dim's aren't just going to "hand over" JACK. They finally are on the OTHER end with everything to lose and nothing to be gained.

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