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Historic: First gay president hugs first black president

Did you see Bill Clinton’s speech last night? The crowd was electrified — proof positive that there are still a lot of people who somehow have the capability to believe a word of what comes out of this man’s mouth:

A president who was impeached for lying to a grand jury — sure, count me in as one who is going to take all of his claims at face value.

Clinton did his best to try and make it sound as if the economy has actually improved and we’re heading in the right direction, but no matter how much lipstick they smear on that pig, they can’t hide from reality:

–There have been 300,000 jobs added during Obama’s entire presidency, not 4.5 million.

–The national debt has increased over $5 trillion dollars since Obama took office. The national debt now exceeds $16 trillion.

–The price of a gallon of gas is double what it was the day Obama took office.

–Food stamp use is at a record high.

–Median household income is down almost 5 percent since Obama took office.

–Food prices have jumped the most in 36 years (when you-know-who was entering office).

–The labor force participation rate is now the lowest it has been since 1981 (when you-know-who was leaving office).

–Unemployment is 8.3 percent. It was 7.8 percent when Obama took office.

Rhetorical sleight of hand delivered from a stage for an hour by Sir Slick-a-lot won’t alter reality for a lot of people who live in it 24/7. I think the Dems are actually making a huge mistake by lying about a miraculous but nonexistent economic recovery. The “piss in their pockets and tell them it’s raining” approach is likely doomed to backfire. It’s just too bad that more Americans aren’t finding being lied to patently offensive — those were the adoring Bubba-philes screaming from the seats last night.

As for the night in general, to me this spells trouble for the Dems: One of their biggest “stars” of the evening was a woman whose 15 minutes of fame began when she complained that somebody else should be paying for her birth control. What an inspiring “only in America” kind of story!

Update: Milton Wolf puts it in perspective:


Update II: Drudge having too much fun:


Author: Doug Powers

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