When the mood gets too heavy, we can always count on Joe Biden to say something stupid or forget where he is:

Double Biden points: He made the mistake twice.

Triple Biden points: Career diplomats are as “brave and courageous as any of our warriors.”


22 Responses to “Joe Biden Palate Cleanser”

  1. backwoodsconsr on September 12th, 2012 5:33 pm

    He went to a university but he didn't learn anything.

  2. Truesoldier__ on September 12th, 2012 5:52 pm

    Of course Obama had to show that Biden isn't top dog in this regards:

    "Obama spoke for about 15 minutes to a large crowd gathered in the courtyard in the middle of the State Department Building. There were at least a couple of hundred people gathered for the president's remarks, some people watching from the windows," according to the pooler.

    He talked about how important the foreign service is and what a great job it does representing the U.S. abroad. He also had a line about how he understands the value of the foreign service because he spent so much time as a kid growing up abroad.

  3. Marshall_Will on September 12th, 2012 6:13 pm

    At this point, these people are so SHAKEN ( they'll take reassuring language from anyone! )

    In many cases these folks have spouses and/or blood relatives also in the Dip-Core. If this was allowed to happen at (1) Consulate ( are any of them really 'safe'? )

    Nervous applause at best. TS and the other vets, you guys have seen this. A plane or chopper goes down. The full details aren't known yet, so any word you get is more than you knew about your buddies etc. If Satan walked in the room w/ news, he'd be welcomed.

  4. Truesoldier__ on September 12th, 2012 6:16 pm

    To true. Any information is welcomed, which also leads to distructive rumors. Something that has to be nipped in the butt right away or else cohesion goes by the wayside in no time.

  5. Marshall_Will on September 12th, 2012 6:30 pm

    For all we know, His guest appearance ( which is all he seems to do anyway ) was at the behest of the Dept. Head?

    "Mr. pResident, we've got some awfully upset people down here. Any reassuring words sure would be welcome at this point?"

    Doh… ALRIGHT. Call Air Force 1 and tell them to keep the engines turning. 15 mins… TOPS. Oh and don't forget my clubs!

    THIS more than any.other.blatant.example we could have ever provided shows how Prog Elitists view their underlings. Totally disposable, predictable paycheck tools!

  6. SignPainterGuy on September 12th, 2012 8:29 pm

    TS and M_W, RE; welcome early info;

    My Nephew with the DoD told me last year after the mystery missile launch off the coast of CA, "IGNORE anything you hear over the first day !" It`s gonna be some mix of guessing, hyperbole, someone trying to be first with info, ignorance, etc.

  7. jeffythequick on September 12th, 2012 8:40 pm

    I always count on Mr. Obama to be first with the ignorance, usually arm in arm with Mr. Biden and Ms. Pelosi.

  8. SignPainterGuy on September 12th, 2012 8:59 pm

    Hey, don`t leave out our fave "Cowboy Poet" Dingy Harry Reid who gave at least one 9-11 commemorative speech yesterday in his usual mousy voice. I heard on radio today another blurb from him but I tuned it out as soon as I recognized his voice, so I don`t know if it pertained to the embassy invasions, it just makes me want to puke to hear any of their voices ! They`re ALWAYS lies and ignorance ! Oh, and STOOPIDITY !

    Also, the media can be counted on to repeat whatever the muslim supremacists say; in this case, "The attacks and demonstrations were because of an insulting film by an Israeli Jew." HORSE FEATHERS, there were too many groups in too many places; they couldn`t have all even known about the film, much less have had time to protest at this level this quickly ! NO, this was ALL "9-11 Commemorative" !

  9. SignPainterGuy on September 12th, 2012 9:49 pm

    Hey everybody; you have GOT TO SEE this !

  10. archer on September 12th, 2012 9:50 pm

    In the movie, “The Sting” there was a scene where someone asked about operating a ticker-tape machine. The response was:


    I’d say that applies here with Zero -1.

  11. SignPainterGuy on September 12th, 2012 10:26 pm

    Well, we know his Zero-ness CAN read, his use of TOTUS proves that ! Must be a cognitive dissonance !

  12. Marshall_Will on September 12th, 2012 10:38 pm


    MM did a great job getting out front of that by debunking any claim to a 'link' as early as was practicable.

    What say from here on out, without interviews from actual participants in the rally/protest/mayhem/Lara Logan raping/jihad that we on the Right will simply dismiss the claim. Enough.

    Last time we heard from that goold ol' Pomegranite Prancer his filled w/ fauxrage over Chinese made athletic uniforms. Obviously he doesn't get down to the GYM much b/c most sporting apparel has been CM for over a decade.

  13. SignPainterGuy on September 12th, 2012 10:48 pm

    Yes indeed, MM is on the ball and ahead of the game ! Doug`s no slouch either ! WINK WINK, NUDGE NUDGE !!

  14. Marshall_Will on September 12th, 2012 11:40 pm

    Just saw MM on Sean and she was STEAMED. We should ALL be steamed. Especially in light of the Campaigner In Chief's dismissive attitude at his precious whistle stop in Vegas.

    Tough day? Let me set you straight pRez, a "tough day" is when your stock portfolio is down and the White Sox drop a game! And JFTR King Doofus, these people in the Diplomatic Corp. are NOT freaking G.I's! It's not expected they be in harm's way on a daily basis. So quit trying to sculpt the damned definition of roles here!

    TS, are diplomats expected to "drop and give me 20!" Clean rifles? Do confidence courses? Don't let this assclown get away w/ this guys.

  15. Obama bin Biden on September 13th, 2012 10:09 am

    It's hard to believe this idiot is one heartbeat away from the other idiot's job.

  16. backwoodsconsr on September 13th, 2012 12:11 pm

    Things have a way of getting worse before they get better.

  17. Truesoldier__ on September 13th, 2012 12:16 pm

    The diplomats I have met are more likely to give you 20 orders in less than a minute than they are to "drop and give you 20".

  18. Truesoldier__ on September 13th, 2012 12:25 pm

    As if we needed more media bias on display, the media has been beating up Romney over his comments. Claiming it is just wrong to politicize this (of course Romney is only pointing out how he and Obama differs).

    Drudge has a link pointing out how in 2008 Obama used the death of 9 servicemembers to attack McCain and Bush over Iraq. There is another thing Obama did during the 2008 election that many have forgotten.

    In July of 2008, Obama made a visit to Iraq (which he did not visit troops btw). He meet with Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari. The focous on this meeting was to convince the Iraqi government to halt negotiations of our Status Of Forces Agreement (SOFA) until after the November election. He directly interferred with the ongoing negotiations of the United States. That alone should have been enough to force him out of the race, but of course the media downplayed it and McCain was too busy attacking his supporters for it to ever become a real issue.

    I remember it well, because I was in Baghdad in July of 2008 trying to come home on vacation. Our flights were canceled due to Obama's visit shutting down Baghdad Intl.

  19. Marshall_Will on September 13th, 2012 1:58 pm

    Oh… well this is an interesting wrinkle.

    Jawn F'ing Kerry had pulled similar stunts in the past. But not nearly as brazen. To be honest, we shouldn't need a "Blogs Going Black Day", "melt those phone lines!" campaign for these types of infractions.

    The Senate has RULES! And limitations. Why didn't THEY do anything about it? Why does it take a time sucking, over the top, ALL OUT effort on our part to ensure these don't get swept under the carpet?

    Btw, I wouldn't describe that as "going on vacation" but it's your Tour of Duty so..?

  20. Truesoldier__ on September 13th, 2012 2:02 pm

    The Senate was under Dem control in 2008 so you can see why nothing happened.

    In this case I really was going on vacation. This was during the time I was working as a contractor over in Iraq and was headed back home to spend some time with the family. For me it was an inconvience, but one I could deal with easily enough. For the troops that got stranded it meant one more day in a long 12 to 18 months of not seeing their families.

  21. Marshall_Will on September 13th, 2012 2:51 pm

    Yeah, seen guys "get bumped" or have their orders ammended etc. Just when you're at your wits end!?

    Enforcement of Senate Rules shouldn't be contingent on who's in the majority. I know, what a nitpicker huh? The reason I brought it up, it just shows how far we've managed to slip.

  22. Truesoldier__ on September 13th, 2012 2:57 pm

    At this rate, if we dont get people elected who are willing to follow the rules (regardless of party) we are doomed.

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