Obama Practicing Giving ‘Concise Answers’ at Upcoming Debates

To heck with “concise” answers… how about honest ones? As if!

Given the list of moderators, it wouldn’t be surprising in the least if it’s easy for Obama to practice giving the answers, because he’s probably already have been given the questions (we also know Team Obama is trying to control what is and isn’t asked, and the mods will probably be happy to comply).

From The Hill:

President Obama is cramming for his three prime-time debates with Mitt Romney next month by practicing brief and concise answers, senior campaign strategist David Axelrod told Reuters.

A gifted orator, Obama has a tendency to give long, detailed answers that the campaign worries could come across as aloof during a televised debate. In his debate prep with sparring partner John Kerry (D-Mass.), Obama has been working on keeping his answers short after four years when he’s rarely had to submit to rapid-fire questions.

“He’s got to speak shorter, that’s all,” Axelrod told Reuters. “He just hasn’t had to do that for the last four years so that’s a part of the discipline of preparing for these debates.”

“Gifted orator”? These news writers are still working off the script from 2008:

Author: Doug Powers

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