Romney Recorded at Fundraiser: Let’s Face it, Almost Half of Voters Will Go For Obama Simply Because They Feel Entitled to Health Care, Food and Housing

The left’s going to go crazy over this one, which means it’ll be a lot of fun:

Mitt Romney described almost half of Americans as “dependent upon government” during a private reception with donors this year and said those voters were likely to support President Obama because they believe they are “entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it.”

The blunt political and cultural assessment by the Republican presidential candidate offers a rare glimpse into Mr. Romney’s personal views as the campaign enters its final 50 days. Liberals quickly condemned the remarks as insensitive, and Mr. Obama’s campaign accused him of having “disdainfully written off half the nation.”

Here’s the video:

Liberals will get on him for the “I don’t care about them” line (an unfortunate phrasing for which Romney is prone), but in this case Romney’s talking about caring about winning their votes — not that I expect the Dems to keep any of this in context. They’ll also no doubt hammer on the “47 percent don’t pay federal income tax” part (predicted Democrat response to that: “Don’t Republicans want lower taxes?”) For the most part though Romney’s just pointing out the painfully obvious.

As far as Romney’s numbers go, liberals might condemn this as insensitive, but they can’t condemn it as untrue. Last year, almost 50% of all Americans lived in a household that had at least one member who received some sort of government benefit, and which candidate is this group more likely to vote for?

When it comes down to it, there will be lots of noise over this but it’ll be much ado about nothing. The Republican/conservative base will dig it, and the left won’t vote for him anyway — partly for the reasons Romney described… thereby proving Mitt’s point in the process. And if the talking heads are correct and the election will hinge on independent undecideds, Romney is actually complimentary towards them in the video, calling them “thoughtful.”

Speaking of the undecideds, I disagree with Romney that “independent undecided voters” this year are open minded analytical thinkers. At this point how in the world can you be undecided between Romney and Obama? “Gee, I like capitalism, but socialism has some good points too.” I don’t understand how that’s in any way “thoughtful.”

I’ve read that Romney will speak at some point about these remarks very soon. He shouldn’t retreat at all — clarify if necessary, but embrace the facts, don’t run from them.

Obama’s people welcome this video, but only because it will aid them in their effort to distract people from the failed domestic and foreign policy of the guy who’s been in the White House since 2009 with little to show for it except $5 trillion in new debt, a foundering economy and a Middle East that’s burning the American flag and killing our diplomats because they have so much more respect for America than they did before The One arrived on the scene.

Author: Doug Powers

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