Axelrod, Debbie Downer Join the ‘Pledge to Obama’ Creepy Clown Parade

Yesterday, Obama’s campaign manager Tweeted a restraining order-worthy picture of himself participating in the “Pledge to Obama” embarassment that many celebrity Obamabots have already participated in. That level of nutty blind devotion to The One makes Marshall Applewhite’s Heaven’s Gate cult look like a bunch of Shriners.

David Axelrod and Debbie Wasserman Schultz also got in on the act. I’d say you should have a shot of Jäger before looking at these to ease the pain, but it probably wouldn’t make much of a difference if you drank the whole bottle:


Would you buy a used car from these people?

DWS has a 100 percent rating from the NARAL abortion peddlers… you know, for “our kids.”

Author: Doug Powers

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