Biden Wooing Florida Seniors: And Don’t Forget About the Free Colonoscopies We Gave You!


Every day for the past nearly four years has felt like a colonoscopy, except not free (it cost about $5 trillion) and it feels as if it was performed with a rose bush on the end of a giant fish hook.

Plugs has been busy working the room in Florida with his Mediscare shtick, and is reminding everyone of all the free stuff Obama gave them, which is why everything now costs so much or something:

In Florida this afternoon, Vice President Joe Biden reminded supporters that thanks to President Obama, they could now get colonoscopies without a co-pay.

During his speech, Biden reminded the audience that some of their Republican friends would distort Obama’s record on Medicare.

“Everyone knows, everyone in this room knows that President Obama has increased the benefits available to people on Medicare by the action he took,” Biden said. “You are now able to go get a wellness exam, and guys, if you conclude you need a colonoscopy because of the feeling you had or you need a breast health examination, you don’t have to pay a co-pay for that.”

Joe will even perform it personally! Trust him, he knows what he’s doing — how do you think he retrieves his head every morning?


Author: Doug Powers

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