On Peak Day of Embassy Protests, Obama Did an Interview with People Magazine and Posed for a Photo Spread

There’s a reason the White House initially insisted (for a pitifully long period of time) that the attack on the US consulate in Libya was a spontaneous uprising that wasn’t in any way a pre-meditated terrorism event. That reason is simple: If the White House admitted it was a planned terrorist attack, the president would have looked really bad for not canceling all this neat stuff:

New information reveals President Barack Obama conducted interviews with entertainment magazines and posed for a photo spread last Friday as American embassies burned and 21 countries erupted into anti-American protests.

Instead of spending precious time dealing with the developing crisis in the Mid East and with his foreign policy scheme in a total freefall, on Friday morning, September 14, Obama was giving an interview to the entertainment magazine People en Español and participating in a photo session with photographer Omar Cruz.

This interview was not on his public schedule and was hidden from the public.

Friday, September 14th was the same day that four flag-draped coffins of those killed at the U.S. Libyan embassy arrived at Andrews Air Force base.

The interview came to public attention when individuals who work for the magazine tweeted about their visit after the event was over.

Only in the last day or two has anybody connected to the White House begrudgingly admitted that yes, it was a terrorist attack. Gutsy call!

It’s now being reported that there was never an anti-American demonstration outside the US consulate, but that the whole thing was a planned terrorist attack.

And Hillary’s “the concerned Libyans on scene carried Ambassador Stevens from the consulate to the hospital” line from the other day? Yeah, that’s not sounding entirely accurate.

Maybe we should excuse the administration. After all, in spite of the photo shoots and entertainment magazine interviews, they were obviously hard at work designing a new flag poster to sell to their cult followers:


That reminded more than a few of something else.

The Disturbing ‘I Heart Obama’ Photo of the Day

Apparently there’s some sort of trend on Twitter involving the hashtag “ForAll.” The goal is to prove your cultish worshop of The One by telling the world President Obama should be re-elected because he’s given everybody the ability to write words on their hands and upload pictures or something.

Obama’s campaign manager, Jim Messina, got in on the action. Lots of thoughts came to mind when I saw this, but “recently issued a restraining order to remain at least 500 yards from school property” was the first:


I haven’t been this creeped out since I got stuck in an elevator with Paul Ruebens.

Update: Weasel Zippers pointed to this: The Jim Messina meme generator. Here’s one I made:


Naïveté on Parade

God help us:

In an interview with David Letterman taped on Tuesday, Barack Obama pressed leaders in the Muslim world to help ensure the safety and security of Americans abroad, Reuters reported.

“The message we have to send to the Muslim world is we expect you to work with us to keep our people safe,” he said.

“We expect their full cooperation because that’s the only way the world works.”

Well that must make our people serving overseas in any number of capacities feel a lot more secure. What would President Obama think if he heard the head of the Secret Service tell a crowd at a rally “we expect your cooperation because that’s the only way we can keep everybody here safe”?

Obama’s idea of “security” is trying to censor things that might spur certain people to violence combined with asking their leaders to see to it that everybody plays nice? Good luck with that.

After turning the duty of securing the safety of US personnel abroad over to leaders in the Muslim world, Obama didn’t have anything better to do so he went to an “important” $4 million fundraiser hosted by Jay Z and Beyonce.

This sums up the Obama approach to Middle East security:

FLOTUS: Instead of Pointing Fingers and Placing Blame, Barack Got to Work

By way of CNS News, here’s your laugh fix for the day… possibly the week:

First lady Michelle Obama, speaking in Gainesville, Fla., on Monday, said that while the nation was on the verge of another Great Depression, President Barack Obama did not assign blame – instead “he got to work.”

Well, she’s partly correct. He got to work alright… assigning blame:

Romney Recorded at Fundraiser: Let’s Face it, Almost Half of Voters Will Go For Obama Simply Because They Feel Entitled to Health Care, Food and Housing

The left’s going to go crazy over this one, which means it’ll be a lot of fun:

Mitt Romney described almost half of Americans as “dependent upon government” during a private reception with donors this year and said those voters were likely to support President Obama because they believe they are “entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it.”

The blunt political and cultural assessment by the Republican presidential candidate offers a rare glimpse into Mr. Romney’s personal views as the campaign enters its final 50 days. Liberals quickly condemned the remarks as insensitive, and Mr. Obama’s campaign accused him of having “disdainfully written off half the nation.”

Here’s the video:

Liberals will get on him for the “I don’t care about them” line (an unfortunate phrasing for which Romney is prone), but in this case Romney’s talking about caring about winning their votes — not that I expect the Dems to keep any of this in context. They’ll also no doubt hammer on the “47 percent don’t pay federal income tax” part (predicted Democrat response to that: “Don’t Republicans want lower taxes?”) For the most part though Romney’s just pointing out the painfully obvious.

As far as Romney’s numbers go, liberals might condemn this as insensitive, but they can’t condemn it as untrue. Last year, almost 50% of all Americans lived in a household that had at least one member who received some sort of government benefit, and which candidate is this group more likely to vote for?

When it comes down to it, there will be lots of noise over this but it’ll be much ado about nothing. The Republican/conservative base will dig it, and the left won’t vote for him anyway — partly for the reasons Romney described… thereby proving Mitt’s point in the process. And if the talking heads are correct and the election will hinge on independent undecideds, Romney is actually complimentary towards them in the video, calling them “thoughtful.”

Speaking of the undecideds, I disagree with Romney that “independent undecided voters” this year are open minded analytical thinkers. At this point how in the world can you be undecided between Romney and Obama? “Gee, I like capitalism, but socialism has some good points too.” I don’t understand how that’s in any way “thoughtful.”

I’ve read that Romney will speak at some point about these remarks very soon. He shouldn’t retreat at all — clarify if necessary, but embrace the facts, don’t run from them.

Obama’s people welcome this video, but only because it will aid them in their effort to distract people from the failed domestic and foreign policy of the guy who’s been in the White House since 2009 with little to show for it except $5 trillion in new debt, a foundering economy and a Middle East that’s burning the American flag and killing our diplomats because they have so much more respect for America than they did before The One arrived on the scene.

Obama Practicing Giving ‘Concise Answers’ at Upcoming Debates

To heck with “concise” answers… how about honest ones? As if!

Given the list of moderators, it wouldn’t be surprising in the least if it’s easy for Obama to practice giving the answers, because he’s probably already have been given the questions (we also know Team Obama is trying to control what is and isn’t asked, and the mods will probably be happy to comply).

From The Hill:

President Obama is cramming for his three prime-time debates with Mitt Romney next month by practicing brief and concise answers, senior campaign strategist David Axelrod told Reuters.

A gifted orator, Obama has a tendency to give long, detailed answers that the campaign worries could come across as aloof during a televised debate. In his debate prep with sparring partner John Kerry (D-Mass.), Obama has been working on keeping his answers short after four years when he’s rarely had to submit to rapid-fire questions.

“He’s got to speak shorter, that’s all,” Axelrod told Reuters. “He just hasn’t had to do that for the last four years so that’s a part of the discipline of preparing for these debates.”

“Gifted orator”? These news writers are still working off the script from 2008:

CNN Reporter Really Bad at Disguising Bias

CNN reporter Peter Hamby Tweeted a “story” about an upcoming Obama trip. The link conveniently goes to a donation page on the Obama campaign’s website:

I checked Hamby’s timeline and, wouldn’t you know it, not one of his Tweets about Romney link to Mitt’s donation page. Oh, but Paul Ryan might be a racist.

Tingles: Romney Showing Disdain and Arrogance By Thinking He Can Defeat the Thrillbringer


What I wouldn’t give for Obama to lose in November if only for the reason of watching Chris Matthews’ head explode ala Scanners.

MSNBC’s long-running joke doesn’t seem to recall that every president up for re-election has had someone trying to defeat him, so what Romney’s doing isn’t exactly unprecedented. But Matthews understands that his job is to protect and defend the honor of the Thrillbringer, which he does with embarrassing aplomb:

“I thought the decision by Romney to run for president, even as this president had not yet even been inaugurated, Mayor, showed a certain kind of disdain,” said Matthews. “I don’t want to get into his head on this – I don’t like the look of it – but he seemed to think, ‘Well, this guy could be beat by me.'”

Um, yeah… that’s usually how it works, Chris.

It’s hilarious how Matthews serves as apologist-in-chief for the president who said only he had the talent required to bring world peace, slow the rise of the oceans and make all cars run on algae — but Romney is the arrogant one.

This is really all they’ve got:

Obama 2007: The day I’m inaugurated the Muslim world will be less hostile toward America

Flashback to a more delusional time.

How’s that working out?


The problem with the philosophy (or lack thereof) of Obama and his ilk has been highlighted this week in bold. For example, they expect us to believe the uprising du jour is actually about some movie — right up to the point of asking YouTube to consider removing it. In other words, the Obama administration is acting as a censorship arm for Islamic extremists.

If the problem is the movie that was recently put out, then what was the problem last month… or the month before… or the month before… or on 9/11? Things like that movie aren’t causes of murderous uprisings, they’re merely excuses for them. To see our own government legitimizing that is nauseating, not to mention dangerous.

Violence is on the rise because those who hate America and what it stands for sense weakness, and unfortunately their senses seem to be in excellent working condition.

Hopefully the president can find solutions to these mounting global and domestic problems at another fundraiser tonight.

By the way, there was no high level security protection for our people in Libya who were killed, but you’ll be happy to know that Valerie Jarrett is being guarded 24/7 by Secret Service agents during her Martha’s Vineyard vacation. You know… in case there’s an uprising at the Beach Plum.

Hillary Really Sorry Somebody’s Freedom of Speech Caused People with ‘Fundamental Respect for Human Beings’ to Kill US Ambassador and Others

I’d say “unbelievable” but we have to remember who we’re talking about here:

The assault on freedom of speech is being aided by those in the highest levels of our government.

Any real US leaders would be saying “there is no excuse for cold blooded murder… none. Period.” But the people currently in charge rarely miss an opportunity to apologize for our constitutional freedoms with their “battered spouse syndrome” approach to foreign policy.

Update: Jay Carney: “This is not a case of protests directed at the United States writ large or at U.S. policy.”

Weapons grade ignorance combined with political desperation is embarrassing: