Yeah, They Probably Should Have Closed the Convention With Bill Clinton

And I’ll bet there are a lot of Dems thinking that very thing. Heck, Biden would have been a better convention closer. For anybody wondering about the real reason that speech Obama delivered last night was moved indoors, imagine the same address being delivered in a half-empty football stadium.

Ace of Spades has a compilation of the collective letdown regarding Obama’s speech last night. That’s excluding the lap dogs at MSNBC of course (Chris Matthews’ head is still visualizing Dem-on-Martian porn).

The problem Obama’s running into is that there are only so many times you can deliver the exact same speeches, and last night was no different. Well — there was an exception: Obama never mentioned the unemployed. He probably already knew about the latest bleak jobs report (the workforce participation rate for men is the lowest since 1948) and didn’t want to make another ad for Romney. I also don’t recall much talk about the national debt either — what a surprise.

Oh, and here’s something that will drive the left even crazier: Clint Eastwood just called President Obama “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.” Yes, even worse than Milli Vanilli.

Cue the empty chair.

Department of Justice Seeks Jail Time for ‘Hope’ Poster Artist


If the Shepard Fairey’s poster was at one time a symbol of the mythical Hope and Change, then this story is symbolic of that entire facade crumbling down around them:

Federal prosecutors want Shepard Fairey, the artist who created the Barack Obama “Hope” poster, to serve time in prison following his misdemeanor conviction for destroying and fabricating documents in connection with a civil lawsuit over the iconic campaign image.

In advance of Friday’s scheduled sentencing of Fairey in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, the Department of Justice has filed a memorandum arguing that a prison term for the 42-year-old artist would be “appropriate.”

However, prosecutors did not specify how long Fairey should be incarcerated (though, statutorily, his punishment would not exceed six months). Additionally, government lawyers have contended that Judge Frank Maas could fine Fairey up to $3.2 million.

“A sentence without any term of imprisonment sends a terrible message to those who might commit the same sort of criminal conduct,” wrote prosecutor Daniel Levy in a September 2 memo. “Encouraging parties to game the civil litigation system…creates terrible incentives and subverts the truth-finding function of civil litigation.”

The guy should have run guns illegally into Mexico and he’d have gotten off scot-free. Oh well… somebody’s got to pay for Obama’s mess — sure ain’t gonna be Obama. At least not until November. Might as well blame the poster guy.

On Bill Clinton’s Speech


Historic: First gay president hugs first black president

Did you see Bill Clinton’s speech last night? The crowd was electrified — proof positive that there are still a lot of people who somehow have the capability to believe a word of what comes out of this man’s mouth:

A president who was impeached for lying to a grand jury — sure, count me in as one who is going to take all of his claims at face value.

Clinton did his best to try and make it sound as if the economy has actually improved and we’re heading in the right direction, but no matter how much lipstick they smear on that pig, they can’t hide from reality:

–There have been 300,000 jobs added during Obama’s entire presidency, not 4.5 million.

–The national debt has increased over $5 trillion dollars since Obama took office. The national debt now exceeds $16 trillion.

–The price of a gallon of gas is double what it was the day Obama took office.

–Food stamp use is at a record high.

–Median household income is down almost 5 percent since Obama took office.

–Food prices have jumped the most in 36 years (when you-know-who was entering office).

–The labor force participation rate is now the lowest it has been since 1981 (when you-know-who was leaving office).

–Unemployment is 8.3 percent. It was 7.8 percent when Obama took office.

Rhetorical sleight of hand delivered from a stage for an hour by Sir Slick-a-lot won’t alter reality for a lot of people who live in it 24/7. I think the Dems are actually making a huge mistake by lying about a miraculous but nonexistent economic recovery. The “piss in their pockets and tell them it’s raining” approach is likely doomed to backfire. It’s just too bad that more Americans aren’t finding being lied to patently offensive — those were the adoring Bubba-philes screaming from the seats last night.

As for the night in general, to me this spells trouble for the Dems: One of their biggest “stars” of the evening was a woman whose 15 minutes of fame began when she complained that somebody else should be paying for her birth control. What an inspiring “only in America” kind of story!

Update: Milton Wolf puts it in perspective:


Update II: Drudge having too much fun:


FLOTUS Fundraising Email: How About You Lardasses Skip Dinner and Donate the Money to Barack’s Campaign?

This was in my email in-box earlier today accompanied by a leaf of arugula to tide me over:

I know your life is full — with work, or school, or family — and yet you still find the time to help out when you can.

You may have a tight budget, but you give what you can afford.

A woman recently told the campaign her family skipped a pizza dinner at their favorite place so that they could make a difference in this election.

That is the commitment that drives this campaign.

If you can support Barack with a donation today, please know it makes a huge difference. If we win, it will be because of what you did at moments like this:



The “skip dinner and save our foundering campaign” approach is accompanied by the “pitch in and own a piece of this campaign” tactic — which is kind of like the White Star Line trying to sell stock in the Titanic after it hit the iceberg.

Dem Convention Pushing ‘Republican War on Women’ Pays Tribute to Ted Kennedy

Hey, what better way for the Democrats to punctuate a convention highlighting how bad Republicans are for women than by honoring a former Senator who once left one to die in a submerged car?

The exposing of the Republican war on women will continue tonight when the notoriously chivalrous Bill Clinton takes the stage.

Convention organizers are going out of their way to make it clear that Obamacare covers compunction bypass surgery.

Caption Debbie Downer

So earlier I was minding my own business and clicking around the Internet when this picture of Debbie Wasserman Schultz popped up in front of me:


I think I might have even screamed.

The first thing that came to mind, just after the urge to throw a blanket over my computer monitor, was “wait’ll they get a load of me.” But maybe “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. Craven” is a better fit.

By the way, DWS was caught in another lie — but that’s pretty much an hourly occurrence.

Repetition We Can Believe In

Clint Eastwood did the “empty chair” thing about Obama, but as this new RNC video demonstrates, the real empty chairs in this administration belong to Obama’s speechwriters, who have obviously been phoning it in since 2008:

What’s funny is that The One still needs a teleprompter to repeat the same lines over and over again. Did George Lee Andrews still have to refer to the script during his 9,382nd performance as Monsieur André in Phantom of the Opera? Doubtful.

DNC Books Dumpy Hotels for Media — Because Easy Access to Crack and Prostitutes is One of Our Most Fundamental Rights

There’s probably a scarcity of hotel rooms at the Democrats’ convention because I heard that the DNC booked Bill Clinton an entire floor of rooms at the Hooters Grand Hotel to have all to himself — and some… friends. But the rooms that have been reserved for some of the media are apparently about as physically appealing as Henry Waxman.

John Fund of National Review:

I can’t speak for the delegates or ther foreign dignitaries, but many of the journalists I have spoken with here are appalled at the accommodations in Charlotte to which they were assigned by the DNC. National Review was assigned to two Knights Inn properties. Everyone who saw them fled immediately across state lines to an available Marriott in South Carolina rather than stay there.
It’s not as if the DNC couldn’t have figured out something was wrong with the properties. TripAdvisor had these recent comments on one of the Knights Inn properties: “wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy,” “scared to death,” and “pimps and prostitutes at night.”

Nor was National Review singled out. Staff members from Politico and the Hill abandoned their assigned hotels, too. Staffers from the Hill found refuge in a cheap Microtel and considered it a comparative oasis.

Tucker Carlson, editor of The Daily Caller, told me that the Quality Inn his staff was assigned to was “the worst hotel you can imagine.” TripAdvisor carried these recent reviews: “barely a Bates Motel,” “scary area and parking lot,” and “the worst.”

Come on, John… the DNC is just trying to help get the media better acquainted with their base.

As for the Daily Caller, I wouldn’t have expected the entity that employs Neil Munro to be offered five-star accommodations.

On top of all this, the rooms the DNC booked might be plagued by blood sucking insects. Oh, and there’s also a concern about bedbugs.