One of the GOP’s greatest assets in this election is Joe Biden, and it’s nice to see the Republicans recognize that and are running with it:

Also, an impressive “Biden laugh & smirk” compilation from the VP debate is here.

Meanwhile, the Obama campaign just released a new ad voiced over by Morgan Freeman. The opening line lays it all on Bush: “Every president inherits challenges. Few have faced so many.”

And even fewer have fixed those challenges so slowly or counter-productively.


15 Responses to “‘Honest Joe’ Stars in New Republican Ad”

  1. Truesoldier__ on October 13th, 2012 2:21 pm

    It is about time the RNC comes out with a great ad. Odds were that they would whether they meant it or just stumbled into it.

  2. SignPainterGuy on October 13th, 2012 2:28 pm

    Jay Leno asked a great question, "Who is Joe campaigning for ?" That`s what`s great about Joe, he is the gaffemeister ! If you can stomach the loonyliciousness of his lies and twisted logic, he WILL tell you the truth …. eventually !

  3. SignPainterGuy on October 13th, 2012 2:44 pm

    So true; the ads are writing themselves, it`s just a matter of recognizing them and picking from the selection !

  4. sizemorew on October 13th, 2012 6:12 pm

    The laughing talking heads are laughing at you, not with you, Biden.

    Though it's amazing just how many gaffes this guy pulls. Maybe part of the reason it takes so long to get ads like this is because he spews so many of them. Hard to keep up.

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  6. SignPainterGuy on October 13th, 2012 8:06 pm

    Like a dog faced with 10 fire hydrants, "So many choices" ! ;-)

  7. Truesoldier__ on October 14th, 2012 12:51 pm

    One more reason I suspect we will not see much of Joe on the campaign trail for the rest of the election.

  8. SignPainterGuy on October 14th, 2012 2:34 pm

    We`ll surely see lots of William Jefferson Clintonionni who has his own way of telling the truth.

  9. Truesoldier__ on October 14th, 2012 6:49 pm

    We may or we may not. Remember, Obama is trying to shove Hillary under the bus with Libya and you know Bill and Hillary aint going to go quietly.

  10. SignPainterGuy on October 14th, 2012 8:30 pm

    Well, that`s the frame my mind was in ….. until a few months ago when Der Schlickmeister showed up, schmoozing for Teh One `n Done ! And to make it even more fascinating, Willie was telling some of the truth and making it look not so great for Bammy, but he kept showing up ! Sometimes it hard to tell who HE`s campaigning for ! KWIM ?

  11. jeffythequick on October 15th, 2012 1:16 pm

    Few have faced so many challenges:

    Warren Harding, 18% unemployment… cut taxes, 3 years later, 3-4% unemployment.
    George Washington: 1st President, had to set the whole thing up.
    Ronald Reagan: 10-12% unemployment, Congress of another party, at re-election, 49 state landslide, and a 2000 vote loss at the challenger's home state.
    Franklin Roosevelt: Continued same crap RINO Hoover started. Crappy economy continued for another 10 years after first election. Took World War to get economy going again.
    John Kennedy: (kind of weird without the F, or calling him Jack, huh?) Cut taxes, and the 60's were an economy of growth

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  13. SignPainterGuy on October 15th, 2012 2:14 pm

    Yeah, "Jack" Kennedy would have no place in today`s dim party.

    Obama offers excuses !

  14. Marshall_Will on October 15th, 2012 6:34 pm

    My thoughts exactly sizemorew,

    Like a spoiled rotten "trust fund baby" the poor parents go from concealing DUI car wrecks to paying off abortion providers to drug bust to..? How can one manage to keep up!

    The good news is at least in the case of Trustafarians ( they're burning Mummy & Daddy's $$$ not OURS )

  15. Marshall_Will on October 15th, 2012 6:46 pm


    Better get a bigger BUS!

    NO Clinton is going down for teh Wun. After all, they want to rule Amerika and know what's best for you!

    Mrs. Will and I did a lot of talking over the Guard weekend and have fairly committed to moving down to S. Oregon FT. It's just too depressing after having a wonderful week/weekend being SURROUNDED by Conservative, concerned and openly embracing people to go 'home' to 47%'ers and Progs that stare you down for owning a V-8 while fantasizing about strangling you in your SLEEP in front of your face…

    Their dog whistle radar ears are on the constant sweep for any signs there might be those in their midst that haven't reached Full Dhimmitude for The Progressive Agenda. They're constantly sizing you up and when they ask "How did your week go?" they have a laundry LIST of 'infractions' to sort and SHRED you.

    Attended "violent" sporting event: Deduct 5 pts. Anything remotely identifiable as a patriotic event: Deduct 10 pts. Guard members deduct 25 pts. and God forbid you accidentally let it leak you actually attended some sort of "cultish" organized religious ceremony, DEDUCT 100 pts! You're a complete WRITE OFF and lost cause where they're concerned!

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