Bill Clinton: People would love it if family incomes weren’t falling, so… vote for Obama

All of the Obama surrogate “arguments” for why we should vote for their guy are predicated on those listening being stupid enough to believe Obama isn’t the incumbent. Sadly, that approach works far too often. They pretend things have been done Mitt’s way and only voting for Obama will keep it from getting worse (can it get worse than being “buried”?).

Here’s Bill Clinton in New Hampshire today, essentially telling people they shouldn’t vote for Mitt Romney because median family incomes are falling. Huh? People would love to make more money but they haven’t been able to because there’s a chance Mitt Romney might be president someday? In a fully attentive country with average IQ’s higher than Michael Moore’s hat size, Obama would be down about 30 points down right now, especially with this kind of “help”:

It’s even more baffling when you consider Bill Clinton is the guy who is alleged to be Obama’s greatest asset in this election. All he seems to do is make arguments as to why people should try voting for the other guy.

(h/t Jim Treacher)

Obama vs. Obama

When I saw the full video of Barack Obama speaking to a predominantly black audience in 2007, I remembered the word of Howard Fineman wrote shortly after the inauguration of The One in 2009: “In place of a generation’s worth of individualistic thinking, Obama brings a renewed commitment to another facet of our history: our belief in the ideal of unity, common purpose and community.”

That Fineman is one seriously funny guy.

Last night Sean Hannity featured a side-by-side comparison of Barack Obama. People like Howard Fineman talk up the Obama on the right while pretending the Obama on the left doesn’t exist. They have to — otherwise he never would have been elected president (video by way of Weasel Zippers):

Predictably, the Obama campaign is claiming this video is a desperate attack on the part of the Republicans. It is pretty underhanded of the GOP to go back to 2007 and make Obama say all those racially divisive things. Apologize, Republicans!

As a refresher, listen to the man Obama affectionately referred to as “my pastor” here.

Update: The Looking Spoon on the difference between the “secret” Romney tape and the “secret” Obama tape:


Union Ad: Don’t Vote for Romney… He Doesn’t Even Appreciate His Garbage Man

I’m a little more confident of Republican victory next month if this is the best even Big Labor can do:

Actually I think that Romney does understand the people who pick up garbage… more than they think. Not that AFSCME would have bothered to look into it.

Frankly I’m surprised they didn’t go into more detail about what’s in Romney’s garbage. “He throws out brand new shoes, TVs and bottles of medicine just so the less fortunate can’t have it!”

Drew M. at Ace of Spades:

Here’s my question for the butthurt garbageman…Have you ever thanked Mitt Romney or anyone else for working hard to pay the taxes that cover your salary?

It’s bad enough so many public sector workers demand high wages and outrageous benefit and pension plans, now they expect us to kiss their asses for the privilege.

Oh, and there’s another similar ad out now.

We’ll find out more about Romney as soon as subsequent ads featuring his put upon paper boy and neglected mailman are released.

Gee, I Wonder Who George Stephanopoulos Will Think Won the Debate Tomorrow

Media bias is like watching flowers bloom or the construction of a building: It’s a lot more striking when viewed in a time-lapse.

Here’s ABS News’ completely unbiased correspondent George Stephanopoulos covering the last nine presidential debates. He only thinks the Democrat candidate emerged victorious in eight of them though. So let that one remaining debate Stephanopoulos gave to the Republican serve as a shining testament to Steph’s objectivity:

This takes a little pressure off President Obama tomorrow. Going in he knows that in the eyes of George Stephanopoulos there’s an 89 percent chance he’ll win the debate. For Chris Matthews and others that number goes up to 120 percent and then some.

Hollywood Left’s Newest Push to Get Doofuses to the Polls: ‘Vote 4 Stuff’

What stuff am I voting for? This year it’s a no-brainer: An ObamaPhone!

Actually I’m voting partly because I hope the election results depress the hell out of these dingbats:

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire want to hear what you’ve got to say. The two stars unveiled a campaign on Monday called Vote4Stuff. It urges voters to use social media to talk about what issues are most critical to them in the upcoming election.

A public service announcement went online Monday, asking: “What stuff is important to you?” Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jonah Hill, Zac Efron, Edward Norton and Ellen Degeneres — among others — also appear in the video.

Anyone interested can submit their own 30-second video about their biggest concerns going into the election. Then, selected videos — in addition to tweets, photos or posts directed at Vote4Stuff — will be incorporated into the campaign later in the month.

What are the chances that anybody will say their biggest concern is $16 trillion in debt and accompanying credit downgrades that we’re screwing future generations with because everybody has voted for “stuff”? Yeah, I know…

Something for Al Gore to Completely Ignore

Paging the Goracle: Antarctica has broken the record for the greatest sea ice extent ever measured at either pole:


Here’s where it gets fun because we can play the same extrapolation game Gore always plays while getting a pass from the mainstream press: If the above trend continues the world will be completely covered in ice within mere decades. Everybody panic!

We won’t see this topic mentioned on Al’s Dirty Weather Report.

(h/t Steve Goddard and Climate Depot)