More stimulus spending and authority to increase the debt limit by executive decree? Uh huh, that should work wonders for bringing down the deficit: The Obama administration’s opening bid on Thursday in negotiations to avert a year-end fiscal crunch included a demand for new stimulus spending and authority to unilaterally raise the U.S. borrowing ceiling, […]

Obama: Sorry ’bout my people giving the impression you killed that guy’s wife. Chili?

If anybody’s wondering what to get me for Christmas, wonder no more. My dream clothing has arrived: Yoko Ono launched a menswear collection on Tuesday that she says was inspired by John Lennon’s “hot bod.” Among her designs are pants with large handprints on the crotch, tank tops with nipple cutouts, a flashing LED bra […]

Jay Carney was in his usual form today: “What the president is worried about, Major, is what happened and why in Benghazi. He is not particularly concerned about whether the ambassador or I went out and talked about the fact that we believed extremists might have been responsible. And whether we named them as al […]

The Pentagon’s budget is getting cut, but that hasn’t hindered the Obama administration’s ability to wage class warfare: With lawmakers scheduled to return to work on Monday to begin intense discussions before a looming fiscal deadline, Mr. Obama’s aides are trying to harness the passions that returned him to the White House, hoping to pressure […]

If Boehner was in the office at the time he probably needed a Dramamine, glass of wine and another smoke after seeing this: I know the one second from right looks like Harry Reid but I think that’s actually a woman. I heard they were all protesting potential cuts to HIV programs. If you’re really […]

If you’re thinking about applying for a license to own and operate a snack bar on this campus, I already beat you to it: A public university located in one of California’s prime pot-growing regions has formed an academic institute devoted to marijuana. The Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research at Humboldt State University plans […]

Surprisingly, this doesn’t have anything to do with something Chris Matthews said during his pre Thanksgiving dinner prayer. During the Soul Train Awards show that aired last night, actor/comedian Jamie Foxx said this: “It’s like church over here. It’s like church in here. First of all, give an honor to God and our lord and […]

Anybody who has followed the “green jobs” push from the beginning caught on to the sham a long time ago, but details continue to emerge as to how our tax dollars are enriching Obama cronies and even sitting members of Congress: Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute, said President Barack Obama had a […]

The unions tried to disrupt things, but it looks like that effort will fail big time: After opening earlier than in previous Thanksgiving weekends, Wal-Mart reported its “best ever Black Friday” sales, including bigger crowds than last year, the company said Friday. The retailer rolled out deals starting at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. From […]

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