Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, especially our band of regular readers and commenters who have helped keep the conversation interesting, intelligent, snarky, enlightening, funny, pointed and genuinely entertaining. It’s been our busiest year ever, and the year isn’t even over yet. 2013 will bring some changes, and for the better. I’ll keep you posted […]

You will be surprised and disappointed to learn this video has nothing to do with Joe Biden: Obama didn’t stop at simply absolving and pardoning the turkey either — shortly after this video ended the president reminded the bird that it is now entitled to an ObamaPhoneâ„¢ and free contraceptives for life. (h/t Weasel Zippers)

Don’t you just feel so sorry for her? Me neither: Within days of winning the election, President Obama announced that his victory gave him a mandate to raise taxes on the “rich.” Come again? This was a two-and-a-half-point election. It reflected a painfully divided electorate. The only mandate I saw was to unite a divided […]

The Obama administration believes China’s “vastly superior” infrastructure is something the U.S. should be emulating. I disagree. China’s “stimulus” building projects are faulty enough at normal speed, so I can only imagine how unsafe they’ll be after having been put together in a hurry: According to its engineers, this will be the tallest skyscraper in […]

More than 18,000 workers are set to lose their jobs because of Hostess halting operations due to a union strike, but a bankruptcy judge/possible huge Twinkie lover wants the two sides to mediate before shutting down for good: Hostess had requested Judge Robert Drain of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in White Plains, N.Y., who is […]

Headline spotted at BBC News: Burma hopes Barack Obama visit will boost the economy Because he’s worked such wonders with the U.S. economy. By now Obama’s probably convinced the leadership in Myanmar to sink a few billion into “clean energy” factories that will end up serving as stimulus for Burmese bankruptcy attorneys. Obama was welcomed […]

Funny response by the New Jersey guv — I just wish Christie would have had the same reaction after being asked to be a pre-election photo-op prop for President Obama:

So far today I’m too busy with unrelated business to focus on any sort of lengthy post, so here’s an open thread to talk about the news of the day. A few things for possible discussion: –David Petraeus testified today that the CIA talking points on Benghazi were edited to play down terrorism and that […]

There’s little that’s more infuriating than when malfeasant politicians issue demands: Sources tell FOX 32 News that Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is willing to give up his 2nd Congressional District seat if he’s given disability when he steps down. Jackson Jr. was re-elected to his tenth term but last month, sources say, he applied for […]

Actor, 9/11 truther and Wall Street hypocriticus-maximus Alec Baldwin famously threatened to leave the U.S. if George W. Bush was elected president. Because we’ve already established that Baldwin is a hypocrite, he didn’t follow through on that pledge to leave the country. Anyway, Baldwin told Letterman last night that people threatening secession because of Obama’s […]

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