The Stock Market’s Initial Reaction to Obama’s Re-Election

The market plunged fast at the opening bell and hasn’t gotten up. Word is it’s been asked to star in the next LifeCall commercial after doing this impression of what falling off the fiscal cliff will look like:


Just wait until all the “evil rich” people who were waiting to see what happened in the election before deciding what to do start moving their money elsewhere to avoid the coming onslaught of even more rules, regs and taxes.

Update: The market closed down over 312 points, under 13,000 for the first time since early August. It was the biggest one day sell-off in over a year.

Kremlin Takes News of Obama Re-Election ‘Very Positively’

If you happened to be in a coma yesterday or trapped under a refrigerator or something, the following ABC News headline says everything you need to know both nationally and internationally:


The information has definitely been transmitted to Vladimir:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent a congratulatory note to President Obama after his re-election Tuesday, his spokesman said. The Kremlin says it will make the text public after the Americans have received it.

Putin is also expected to call Obama personally “in the near future.”

“In general, the Kremlin took the news about Barack Obama’s victory in the elections very positively,” spokesman Dmitri Peskov said, according to the Interfax news agency.

“We have the hope that positive initiatives in bilateral relations and in Russian-U.S. interaction on the international arena in the interests of international security and stability will be developed and improved,” he added.

They’re licking their chops like Michael Moore at the Pork Rind Emporium on double coupon day.

Election Night 2012 Open Thread; Obama Re-Elected

Alright, here we go.

As the night goes on, Michelle and I will have updates at her place. I’ll also pop on here when I can for various updates, though I don’t like to be too repetitive between the two sites. Feel free to post comments both here and there about what’s going on in your local races as well, as all of it together will help round out the big picture.

I’m hearing positive news about turnouts, but so far it’s just that — stuff I heard. I can’t imagine the Republican turnout won’t be massive though.

We’ll probably pick it back up here after 8 p.m. EST or whenever results start coming in.

Here’s a breakdown of the evening by way of ZIP:

A timetable for armchair election watchers on how the night will unfold, based on what time the last polls close in each state. All times are EST:

—7 p.m.: Polls close in six states but all eyes will be on Virginia, the first of the battleground states to begin reporting results. If either candidate is comfortably ahead in Virginia (13 electoral votes) that could be a leading indicator of which way the night is going.

—7:30 p.m.: Polls close in three states, including all-important Ohio (18 electoral votes) and competitive North Carolina (15).

—8 p.m.: More pieces of the puzzle will start falling into place as polls close in the District of Columbia and 16 states, including battlegrounds Florida (29) and New Hampshire (four).

—8:30 p.m.: Polls close in Arkansas (six), where Romney is comfortably ahead in surveys.

—9 p.m.: Polls close in 14 states, including battlegrounds Colorado (nine) and Wisconsin (10). Democrats have carried Wisconsin for six straight presidential elections and Obama had the edge in polling going in, so a flip here would be especially noteworthy.

— 10 p.m.: Polls close in four states, including the last of the battlegrounds, Iowa (six) and Nevada (six).

—11 p.m.: Polls close in five Western states, but most are foregone conclusions for Obama. He gets 78 electoral votes from California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington; Romney gets four from Idaho.

— 1 a.m. Wednesday: The last of the polls close, in Alaska. Romney gets three electoral votes. Will many people still be up?

Update: Most scenarios at this point now point to Ohio being a must-win for Romney to have any hope of taking this thing. Can he do it?

For more check out my updates at Michelle’s place. Not shaping up to be a good night, but it’s not over yet.

Update II: Obama has been re-elected. The question must be asked: Was the economy not lousy enough, or was the GOP candidate too weak? Or are we simply now a dependency culture run amok?

Obama Closes 2012 Campaign in Ohio the Way it Began

Obama’s 2012 campaign ended in Ohio as it began in Ohio… with plenty of available seating:



Did I mention that last night’s rally included performances by Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen?

A 2008 Obama rally in Columbus featuring Springsteen drew 50,000.

A Monday Obama rally in Madison, Wisconsin featuring Springsteen drew 18,000. In 2004 a John Kerry (D-a Nang) rally with Springsteen drew about 80,000 in Madison. John Kerry!

The mustard is definitely off the hot dog of Hope™. Whether enough of it’s off to put Romney in the White House, we’ll probably know late tonight.

Election Eve: Place Your Bets

Okay all, we’re almost there. Time to ante up…

First up, Obama and Romney. Big Bird is nervously pacing the Green Mile for word on his fate.

My prediction: Romney wins by five nationally. Polls that show Romney/Obama tied or even Obama up by as many as four points have been consistently assuming the Democratic enthusiasm and turnout will at least as high as it was in 2008, which is why many polling firms have been oversampling Dems. The latest example is the CNN poll showing a tie nationally (Dem sample +11? Puh-leez). Based on that, if the turnout is merely even Obama’s in for a near landslide drubbing. We’ll see.

The latest national presidential polls are here for what they’re worth. State by state here. Senate races here. House races here. Governors here. But now that November 6th is almost upon us, we can throw the polls out the window. Heck, it’s possible a couple of pollsters will be jumping from windows after tomorrow is over.

Questions for discussion:

Who do you think will win the presidential election?
What will be the biggest upset of all the races?
Can Scott Brown hold off Fauxcahontas?
Will the GOP come close to controlling the Senate?
Will the GOP gain seats in the House?
Can Debbie Wasserman Schultz possibly be sent packing?

By the way, DWS has already claimed victory for Obama in Florida.

And please God don’t make us have to look at that dirtbag Alan Grayson for another hellish two years.

Sadly, I’m afraid that here locally Debbie Stabenow will cruise to victory. For some reason they love their liberal senators here in Michigan.

Extra stuff…

Here are some of the best lines from Craigslist ads from people seeking election night sex. Joe Biden’s already offered to give everybody the whole load.

And a quote from Obama hack Andrea Mitchell that will leave you with a feeling of optimism: “If Pennsylvania is in play then this is all over for the president.” I just felt a thrill go up my leg — thanks, Andrea!

While we wait for Election Day, we can watch and find out who Homer Simpson’s trying to vote for:

FLOTUS Generously Endorses Romney: ‘If This is What the President Can Do in 4 Years, Imagine What He Can Do in Twice the Time’

Voting begins in less than 24 hours, and the candidates as well as their wives are getting in their best last-minute pitches. Here’s Michelle Obama’s:


Or, as the soldier looking at the smoldering ruins of a French village in 1944 said, “We sure liberated the hell out of this place.”

Remember though, this is the woman who wants everybody to believe we’re in the midst of a huge recovery. “Hope & Change” has become “Desperation & Delusion.”

Tingles: Romney Sure is Stoking Ethnic Fears By Repeating Obama’s ‘Revenge’ Comment

You can tell Chris Matthews is locked and loaded for the “dog whistle” stuff before he even knows the facts about anything. Here he’s lighting into Romney for mentioning “voting is the best revenge” when in fact Obama’s the one who first said it. After Matthews finds out it was Obama and not Romney who said it, Cap’n Legthrill sticks to the same story. The facts don’t matter to this maniacal shill:

Tingles is starting to look like I did the year the Lions went 0-16 — I think that’s a good sign.

If it’s clear Romney’s going to win tomorrow I’ll be flipping over to MSNBC once in a while just to watch the heads exploding like a leftist fireworks show.

Think Obama Wishes Bloomberg Would Have Kept That Endorsement to Himself?

Suffice to say, at the moment Mayor Bloomberg is not the most popular person in New York City. The anti Big Gulp crusader has decided that Sunday’s New York marathon will go on, which has angered the locals because the race could divert resources which are desperately needed elsewhere, including police.

Did I mention New Yorkers are pissed at Bloomberg? I thought so… just checking.

With that said, yesterday Bloomberg endorsed Obama for re-election. Chances are the mayor won’t be getting a thank-you note for the endorsement — at least not as long as he appears hell bent on becoming the Big Apple’s answer to Ray Nagin.

If I didn’t know better I’d start speculating about Bloomberg being a secret Romney operative.

As for Obama’s promise to “cut through the red tape” so help gets to the storm victims as soon as possible, he failed to mention that there is some red tape he’ll never cut.

(h/t Instapundit)

Any Volunteers to Drive a Fisker Karma Through a Deep Puddle?


Put on your flame-resistant suits, celebrity morons, because here’s the latest from our “Eco-friendly deathtrap waiting to happen” file…

Sounds like these particular Goremobiles will amount to little more than another few hundred million taxpayer dollars up in smoke — and as Joe Biden would say, literally:

Approximately 16 of the $100,000+ Fisker Karma extended-range luxury hybrids were parked in Port Newark, New Jersey last night when water from Hurricane Sandy’s storm surge apparently breached the port and submerged the vehicles. As Jalopnik has exclusively learned, the cars then caught fire and burned to the ground.

Our source tells us they were “first submerged in a storm surge and then caught fire, exploded.” This wouldn’t be the first time the vehicles, which use a small gasoline engine to charge batteries that provide energy to two electric motors, had an issue with sudden combustion.

The vehicle, despite only being in limited production, has already experienced numerous fires due to equipment failures and electrical shorts. How, exactly, they caught fire after being submerged in sea water is unclear. It’s possible the salt water caused a short that led to a fire.

Kind of a Catch-22, isn’t it? If your Fisker catches on fire while you’re driving it, your instinct might be to plunge the car into a river or lake, but apparently that would only make the fire worse.

Proposed new feature for the Fisker: Fire extinguishers attached to the windshield wipers.

Fisker later released this statement:

“It was reported today that several Fisker Karmas were damaged by fire at the Port of Newark after being submerged in sea water during Superstorm Sandy. We can report that there were no injuries and none of the cars were being charged at the time.

It certainly is good to know that this didn’t happen while any of the cars were charging, which means the Fisker has only been proven to be able to catch fire if it gets wet while you might be sitting in it.

For the record, Fiskers don’t seem to perform much better when they’re dry either:

(h/t Weasel Zippers)