On Fox News Sunday, Sen. Dianne “gun protection for me but not for thee” Feinstein had an interesting way of phrasing the implementation of new gun control laws: On Fox News Sunday, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) said America needs to “bite the bullet” on gun control legislation. After the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in […]

A few days ago New York’s News Journal published an interactive map showing names and addresses of all people who are registered to own a handgun in two counties. Turnabout being fair play and all, a gun owner and blogger decided to publish the names and home addresses of staff members at the newspaper: Christopher […]

We’ll have to wait for a Republican to get elected president for the left to once again go apoplectic and throw around accusations of fascism over things like this: By a vote of 73 to 23, the US Senate just voted for the warrantless surveillance of American citizens until 2017. The vote, set to affirm […]

After the NRA’s reaction to all the finger pointing after the Newtown school shooting, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said the following about Wayne LaPierre’s suggestion for more armed security in schools: It’s outrageous and unsettling that the NRA would choose to address gun violence not by taking assault weapons off our streets, but by adding […]

TMZ as always keeps bringing the hard-hitting stories, this time with the help of Barbara Walters: I can’t help but wonder what George Washington must be thinking in the background. Anyway, not long after TMZ posted that piece of syrup, they had a new headline: Maybe Bobby gives him pointers on how to keep it […]

It’s hardly a surprise that Obama-the-Spiteful is incapable of letting states legislate without putting in his two cents (which were worth five cents when he took office, by the way) worth of federal intimidation: Lots of folks scoffed in town when reports surfaced that Democrats had petitioned the President of the United States to insert […]

A very merry Christmas to everybody! I’ll be spending the day with the family, and hope you all get a chance to do the same. The kids have already torn through the gifts, and in a while my wife and I will be trying to make the perfect prime rib. Fingers crossed. But if it […]

I couldn’t believe this story wasn’t from the United States, but I’m sure it’ll arrive soon — if it hasn’t already. A man in Sweden is reportedly getting state disability benefits due to a crippling addiction to heavy metal: According to the Global Post, 42-year-old Roger Tullgren said he consulted three psychologists to testify his […]

There are unconfirmed rumors that at a couple of points during Obama’s 1,600 word speech he actually talked about the man being memorialized: The speech was also somewhat boring considering this man is the Greatest Orator of the Modern Age™. But it did have some patented Benito Obama strike-a-pose moments, like this one:

These cause du jour celeb montage videos usually drip with so much sanctimony that I nearly get nauseous watching them, but this one is different — I actually did get nauseous watching it: Yes, Hollywood — a beacon for America when it comes to moral and ethical values both on and off screen — wants […]

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