Democrat Michigan State Rep. on Right-to-Work Passage: ‘There Will Be Blood’; Updated


Strong-arm thuggery and intimidation tactics are all they know. The Michigan House Dems’ Tweet was deleted but WZ has a screenshot along with video.

There are also reports that union protesters stormed the Americans for Prosperity tent and tore it down. I don’t know if any of these goons have seen Schoolhouse Rock, but the way to go about getting legislation repealed isn’t pulling the tent of somebody who disagrees with you to the ground.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled “Tea Partiers promote violence and need to adopt a new tone” story from the mainstream media, which will completely ignore the above stories.

Update: Video of the tolerant mob destroying the AFP tent:

Update II: Michael Moore is happy schools had to close. Probably because less educated people will be more likely to believe things Michael Moore says.

Update III: More footage of the goonery.

Glenn Reynolds asks: “And will President Obama condemn this violent behavior?”

Condemn it? Hahahahahahahaha!

They’re just doing what he asked them to do. “Get in their face”:

Author: Doug Powers

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