Elementary School Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut

Pure evil, plain and simple.

Current reports are 28 dead, including 20 children.

Those already using this horrific crime to advance agendas or point fingers are ghouls.

I’ll be hugging my kids extra tight tonight while offering prayers for Newtown and those affected by this barbaric act.

Update: CBS News reports a second possible suspect has been taken into custody. I haven’t heard anybody else confirm that, however. According to CBS the shooter (one of them anyway) was the father of one of the students.

Age of the shooter is actually 24 and his name has been released.

The other person that was reported to be in custody is the shooter’s brother and so far they don’t think he was involved in the shootings… at least not directly.

Update II: I’m hearing lots of talk on TV about guns (Bob Schieffer among many others), and absolutely nobody’s talking about moral decay. Maybe part of the problem is staring us right in the face today.

Author: Doug Powers

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