That is, if anybody still really cares what Time Magazine thinks. This is about as surprising as finding out Michael Moore’s doctor gives his cholesterol level a viscosity rating: version.indd

The summary explaining their choice cracked me up:

We are in the midst of historic cultural and demographic changes, and Barack Obama is both the symbol and in some ways the architect of this new America. In 2012, he found and forged a new majority, turned weakness into opportunity and sought, amid great adversity, to create a more perfect union.

If by “perfect union” they mean exploding welfare and disability rolls, health care mandates that are killing jobs as well as stomping on religious freedom, record deficits and ObamaPhones™, they’re totally correct.

Sorry Sandra Fluke… maybe next year.

List of the past recipients here.


39 Responses to “Time Magazine Announces Person of the Year”

  1. SignPainterGuy on December 19th, 2012 12:46 pm

    Those poor illegally undocumented aliens that were high on the list of possibilities for the honor. They continue to get no respect !

  2. backwoodsconsr on December 19th, 2012 1:02 pm

    His idea of union is a country divided into an endless series of groups and pitted against each other.

  3. jeffythequick on December 19th, 2012 1:09 pm

    I can't wait until he finishes and legitimizes the Thunderdome…

    Two walk in, one walks out.

    Emperor Commodes would be proud.

  4. jeffythequick on December 19th, 2012 1:20 pm

    A more fitting tribute:

    R.I.P. Robert Bork

    Your confirmation hearings made me think about the press, the D party, and what was really true. Not a bad influence for an 18 year old.

  5. Truesoldier__ on December 19th, 2012 1:21 pm

    Gee, what a surprise that Navy SEALS Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods didn't even make the list. And Time wonders why their subscriptions numbers are plummeting

  6. Truesoldier__ on December 19th, 2012 1:23 pm

    O/T…but I just saw this idea for stopping school shootings:

    Sounds like a pretty good plan to me.

  7. JetHeadJoe on December 19th, 2012 1:32 pm

    I like the dark tone of the picture (the heavy, dull gray combined with the somberness of Obama's face). It leaves me with the impression that even Time is beginning to realize that we're doomed, and the road to the hell we're on is paved by Obama's seemingly (to them, anyway) good intentions.

  8. SignPainterGuy on December 19th, 2012 1:46 pm

    TIME mag. would sooner honor the Taliban who in recent days shot 5 women vaccination workers than honorable men who lost their lives in honorable service !

  9. Truesoldier__ on December 19th, 2012 1:49 pm

    Funding it would be tough. Though the VA does have a work program, so some of the funding could come via part of that program. Not to mention, if they were to put a school levy on the ballot for dedicated funding for paying the vets to secure the schools I bet you would see a lot of support for that ballot measure (as long as it remained as a dedicated untouchable by politicians funding).

  10. Truesoldier__ on December 19th, 2012 2:07 pm

    So true. Did you see the State Dept. review board's report on Benghazi? To sum it up it is Congress fault that Obama did not go through Congress when it came to Obama's Libya campaign and it is also the fault of the Jihadi groups that the State Dept was relying on for security at the Consulate, because they did not come to the aid of the US personnel due to their sympathies with their fellow Jihadi's.

    The DC has a pretty good run down of it here:

  11. SignPainterGuy on December 19th, 2012 2:08 pm

    Now you`re talking. Use funding and programs already avail. AND make the funding UNTOUCHABLE ! Good thinking ! Military recruitment might benefit as well with their presence in schools !!

  12. jeffythequick on December 19th, 2012 2:09 pm

    au contraire…

    It's to show that he's a serious man that we have living with us now, but his magnificence belongs to the ages. We should be so lucky to have him on Youtube so we can watch him 24/7, bandwidth limiting.

    One has to wonder if his feet actually touch the ground when he walks, because angels lay their hair down in his path do he doesn't have to touch the earth.

    Pretty soon, Time will sell it's assets for less than their cover price.

  13. SignPainterGuy on December 19th, 2012 2:16 pm

    I saw the headlines, but haven`t read in depth. NOW, if names can be named and prosecutions initiated, we`ll be rollin` !

    I saw at or FOX Nation the headline that Issa says that the F&F investigation is going much better than is being publicized and feared. He`s not letting up ! GOOD !

  14. SignPainterGuy on December 19th, 2012 2:41 pm

    Barbara Boxer must be listening to you;

    I have questions and suspicions !

  15. SignPainterGuy on December 19th, 2012 2:52 pm

    Wasn`t it TIME or am I thinking of NewsWeak that already sold for $1.00 ?

  16. SignPainterGuy on December 19th, 2012 2:53 pm

    Bork would have been a good Supreme !

    R.I.P. !

  17. Truesoldier__ on December 19th, 2012 3:02 pm

    Well in regards to the Benghazi report they do not name names nor do they recommend prosecution. In short it provides cover for the Obama administration. It is going to take the House to continue their investigation to get anything done.

  18. Truesoldier__ on December 19th, 2012 3:04 pm

    From the article:

    "Boxer, who said the legislation is modeled after a previous law that had National Guard troops help with border security, would allow governors to decide how troops would be used at schools."

    From what I remember, most of the Guard troops "helping" out with the border security were not armed or at least did not carry live rounds.

  19. SignPainterGuy on December 19th, 2012 3:06 pm

    Just now heard on radio news that "some" State Dept. officials are resigning over the lax security in Benghazi. No names mentioned.

    Yeah, falling on swords to protect the O`Stration, no doubt. I`d like to think it was because of that sense / tradition of honor in the military and some gov. agencies, but I have doubts and suspicions that won`t go away easily !

  20. SignPainterGuy on December 19th, 2012 3:18 pm

    My first question was, "Would they be carrying rubber bullets ? Any bullets at all ? Full, military standard capacity mags. ?" Obviously it expanded to "question(s)".

    I remember the BP "assistance" issues. Why do you put someone in a position of being shot AT without giving them the ability to shoot BACK ?

    And speaking of unarmed, I heard an interview with the British MP, Daniel Hannan in which he was asked if he thought Brit Cops should be issued / allowed to carry guns all the time like our cops in the wake of all the gun violence in the UK ? He said, "NO. He didn`t trust them, didn`t want them to have that level of unfair advantage over everyone else." WHAT ?

  21. SignPainterGuy on December 19th, 2012 3:25 pm

    Something really odd is happening; Twilight Zone type of odd. I have gotten two email alerts to your replies that read differently in the emails than appear here. Have you twice deleted replies and then reworded and submitted them ?

  22. Truesoldier__ on December 19th, 2012 3:28 pm

    When the troops were placed on the border there were reports out there that the drug cartels were coming through the areas patrolled by the troops, because they knew they were unarmed and given orders to report only not to intervene.

    As for the British MP, talk about "advertising" to criminals. Makes you wonder if he is just as paranoid about his own security detail?

  23. SignPainterGuy on December 19th, 2012 3:36 pm

    Ditto !

  24. SignPainterGuy on December 19th, 2012 3:40 pm

    Not surprising that the cartels knew which path to take; likely they have moles everywhere – ish.

    I wondered about the Bush era "Operation LineBacker" (or was it "Wide Receiver" ?), the legal version and predecessor to F&F. The cartels quickly found the tracking devices inside the guns. Were they informed somehow, or did they just break them down and, "WELLLL, looky here !" ?

  25. Truesoldier__ on December 19th, 2012 3:46 pm

    I would not be surprised in the least bit. They have the money to buy the information and we have plenty of people in the government willing to sell it.

  26. Truesoldier__ on December 19th, 2012 3:47 pm

    Yeah I have. Posted it and then thought about it and re-worded or completly changed the posts.

  27. Truesoldier__ on December 19th, 2012 3:51 pm

    Here is more info on one of the resignations (via Doug's post at MM):

  28. Marshall_Will on December 19th, 2012 4:00 pm

    Looks as if, at least for the moment, I'm back in! We'll see if the post takes? It's possible I may be forced to switch back to Windows. Ubuntu is great for your laptop but not effective for Gov. website access, printing… emailing…

  29. SignPainterGuy on December 19th, 2012 4:01 pm

    "….willing to sell it." ? Pfffft, Zero is willing to pay for them to TAKE it ! Look how he is supplying AND funding our enemies ! Look at the info he has given the Russians !


  30. SignPainterGuy on December 19th, 2012 4:03 pm

    Ok, that makes sense, especially since I didn`t hear the weird music – "Ewweeeeoooo" ! ;-)

  31. jeffythequick on December 19th, 2012 4:03 pm

    NewsWeak…. about 98 cents too many…

  32. Marshall_Will on December 19th, 2012 4:06 pm

    It had always been my understanding that in order to be 'compliant' the Guard guys were primarily given Comm., radio type assignments.

    IMHO a way for this to work would be to award the guys ( and gals! ) "Points w/o Pay". There's a number of ways Reserve troops can participate and that's (1) of them. Additionally there's lots of people w/ delinquent college loans that can get THEIR butts down there too!

    Sometimes I do honor guard for funerals and get pay, points ( and if you're lucky ) a travel claim! Others you just get an email. Hey, it all works out over 20! Only too happy to help and it's why we're here.

  33. Truesoldier__ on December 19th, 2012 4:12 pm

    I agree with you that the House ought to vote for impeachment and let Harry Reid's head spin over the prospect of actually having to have proceedings in the Senate over the impeachment.

    Of course as long as weepy is in charge of the House we wont see any kind of b@llsy moves like that. Just like Boehner ought to have a vote on keeping the Bush tax cuts, entitlement reform and other spending cuts, when they pass send them onto the Senate and the adjourn for the holidays. Put the whole deal in the laps of the Senate. No matter what happens (whether we go over the cliff or whether Boehner caves and votes to raise taxes) the GOP will get the blame by the Dems and the MSM will dutifully report it as such anyway.

  34. SignPainterGuy on December 19th, 2012 4:14 pm

    Yeah, like so many other lefty mags.

    I paid for my NRA membership in the early `90s and got a year of two mags free. One was USNews & World Report. It seemed like every other issue featured Pres. Clinton and Bill on the cover. When I didn`t re-up the subscription, I got numerous offers in the mail and finally a call from an otherwise very nice black woman who asked ,"Why?" When I told her I was tired of their lefty rag and especially having to see Bill and Hil on the covers, she said, "Uh, oh !" and hung up. Heh heh !

  35. Marshall_Will on December 19th, 2012 5:10 pm

    Thinking back on the 90's, that cover appraisal sounds about right. So many interesting people doing so many positive things and we're 'featuring' really nothing more than a functional p0rn addict for the cover…

    Part of the fascination I suppose? Check it out..!

  36. Marshall_Will on December 19th, 2012 5:22 pm


    Of course, when they came for the Jews I..?

    Part of me now actually welcomes part of the DOD portion of the cliff. From what I've read, the brunt would be felt by C & C ( Contractors and 'Consultants' ) that INFEST the Beltway and not have much an impact on troops.

    If it means converting the base theater into office space vice a planned expansion, I can LIVE w/ that. Those clowns have had way too good for way too LONG. IMHO.

  37. Truesoldier__ on December 19th, 2012 5:30 pm

    I would agree, except most of the contractors that will be axed over this are the R&D contractors as many of the new weapons platforms will be facing the axe over the Clff Cuts.

    I would be far happier if it was the over priced union contractors doing many of the jobs on the bases, but we all know why they wont be touched.

    There is also talk of massive troop cuts in the branches of service (very similiar to what happened under Clintons tenure as CiC). Also, the idea of freezing troop pay is being pushed once again, while leaving Civil Service pay alone.

    All in all, we will survive, but our Military Power Projection will be reduced as we will really only have the capabilities to handle one theatre of action at a time. With the Chinese (and to a lesser extent the Russians) building up their militarys as well as the continued threat from Jihadi's, we are leaving ourselves pretty vunerable in the long run I fear.

  38. @leoeris on December 20th, 2012 12:24 am

    What an utterly dismissable, whining and peurile opinion.

  39. SignPainterGuy on December 21st, 2012 1:14 pm

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