What Moore thinks is the reason black people own guns is anybody’s guess: And I was fascinated in that subject when making ‘Bowling for Columbine,’ of how fear is used to the point where everybody feels like they’ve got to have a gun in the house. Now, not every house has a gun but we’ve […]

Everybody knows that the people at NASA are and have always been among the world’s foremost experts on the Mayans (as a matter of fact, some of Neil Armstrong’s ancestors on his mother’s side were from Calakmul). Whenever I have a question about the Mayans, I know that NASA is the first on my list […]

Obama’s answer, said while shooting laser-darts from his eyes into Tapper’s head, was basically “I’ve been too busy being president to focus on the stuff I’m now focusing on… uh… as president.” You’ll probably laugh at Obama’s “I haven’t been on vacation” remark. He’s probably just a little defensive — not to mention stressed — […]

That is, if anybody still really cares what Time Magazine thinks. This is about as surprising as finding out Michael Moore’s doctor gives his cholesterol level a viscosity rating: The summary explaining their choice cracked me up: We are in the midst of historic cultural and demographic changes, and Barack Obama is both the symbol […]

Do you think horrific crimes are the result of there not being enough departments in our undersized federal government? If so, an Ohio Representative and kookmuffin escapee from an Orwell novel named Dennis Kucinich has a proposal for you: Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) on Monday afternoon resumed his call for a federal “Department of Peace,” […]

It’s… Clueless-Man! Over the weekend, Rep. Louie Gohmert said that he wished the principal of Sandy Hook elementary — who was one of the first to encounter Adam Lanza at the start of his rampage and was one of the first people he shot and killed — had herself been carrying a gun. NYC Mayor […]

Leave it to the unhinged left to call for an end to the right of individuals to bear arms for self defense while simultaneously demonstrating its necessity. Update: Pennsylvania gun show: “It’s been more crowded than it has been in the past.” Gee, I wonder why.

Tragedy pimps need two things in order to succeed: A tragedy to exploit for their own political ends, and a good number of people who will believe absolutely ridiculous lies: “It’s so unbelievable, and it only happens in America, and it happens again and again. There was another shooting yesterday, three people killed, I think, […]

Yesterday, as the country mourned the horrific murders at an elementary school in Connecticut and shameless opportunists asked the president to exploit the tragedy while calling for stricter national gun laws, in a city with tight gun laws that is in a state with some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, ten people […]

Pure evil, plain and simple. Current reports are 28 dead, including 20 children. Those already using this horrific crime to advance agendas or point fingers are ghouls. I’ll be hugging my kids extra tight tonight while offering prayers for Newtown and those affected by this barbaric act. Update: CBS News reports a second possible suspect […]

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