Al Gore’s latest move in selling his “Current” network to Al Jazeera, which is controlled by an oil emirate, is too much hypocrisy for even his usual “friendlies” in the media to ignore, as he’s finding out on his latest book tour. Here’s a compilation clip. It’s just too bad none of these media tools […]

The Senate Judiciary Committee has been having hearings on gun control. On the pro gun control side, Gabby Giffords, victim of a crazed gunman, said “too many children are dying.” At a hearing in Connecticut, the father of a child murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary gave similar testimony (and gave some in the blinded-by-bias media […]

Adding even more pressure to the situation, the minimum balance requirement on Zimbabwe’s checking account at the Harare Bank & Distrust is $200. From AFP: After paying public workers’ salaries last week, the balance in cash-strapped Zimbabwe’s government public account stood at just $217, Finance Minister Tendai Biti said Tuesday. “Last week when we paid […]

If the AP thinks it’s getting bad now, wait until the economy starts to fully absorb Obamacare. Or should I say, until Obamacare starts to absorb the economy. Bring on the “unexpectedly” for the 48th straight month: The U.S. economy posted a stunning drop of 0.1 percent in the fourth quarter, defying expectations for slow […]

When Anna Wintour said “don’t be late,” she wasn’t referring to her boyfriend’s tax payments. The Vogue editor and possible US Ambassador to the UK held some high dollar fundraisers for Barack Obama prior to last November’s election. A good part of Obama’s platform was how the rich need to “pay their fair share,” and […]

I love it when BS hypocrites like Michael Bloomberg get called out, but he sure doesn’t: In the video, Bloomberg is seen surrounded by security. Mattera approaches Bloomberg and asks, “In the spirit of gun control, will you disarm your entire security team?” Bloomberg’s reply: “Uh, you, we’ll get right back to you.” “Why can […]

Ever notice how these “we can get rid of the Constitution” types are always the same ones who run to the courts to claim First Amendment protections any time somebody tries to put a muzzle on them? Here’s just one part from the Georgetown Prof’s justification for doing away with much of the Constitution: For […]

We already know that if President Obama had a son, he’d look like Trayvon, but now we know that Obama’s hypothetical son would also probably not be allowed to play football: “I’m a big football fan, but I have to tell you if I had a son, I’d have to think long and hard before […]

Below, video of a “Bad Lip Reading” of President Obama’s swearing in and inaugural speech. I like this version a lot better than the original. As a bonus at the end, footage of Beyoncé having no choice but to to lip-sync along after discovering somebody swapped out her pre-recorded national anthem with something completely different: […]

When writing anti-gun legislation, prudent politicians will always keep the personal wants, needs and safety of themselves and the people who protect them first in mind by exempting themselves from their terrible ideas. Such is the case with Dianne Feinstein’s “assault weapons ban” bill: Finally, the bill includes a number of exemptions: It exempts more […]

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