Pro Gun Control Media Asked to Put ‘This Home is Proudly Gun Free’ Signs in their Yards, Hilarity Ensues

Later this week, Sheriff Joe Biden is expected to make recommendations to the president as what steps can be taken, in Plugs’ mind anyway, that will reduce gun violence. The White House is reportedly eyeing 19 suggested executive actions, including giving the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention authority on guns (which could come in handy when it comes to suggestions on how to keep my rifle from getting the flu).

Why doesn’t Obama just issue a presidential proclamation calling for all those in favor of gun control — especially the ones in the media who love giving out the names and addresses of people registered to own guns — to put a sign in their yards declaring “this home is proudly gun free” as a way of helping show where the guns aren’t? After all, if no guns makes a place much safer, who would have a problem putting a sign out declaring their home a secure area?

As The Project Veritas demonstrates, that’s an idea that won’t catch on:

There’s a lesson to be taken from things like this, but it’s too bad that it flies over the heads of much of the left.

Author: Doug Powers

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