Cue the Shamelessness: White House Releases Letters from Children About Sandy Hook Shortly Before Obama Surrounds Himself With Kids to Announce New Gun Control Plans; Updated

I don’t think I’ll be able to watch Obama’s speech today — I’m not in the mood to get nauseous and I’m fresh out of Pepto Bismol and Dramamine.

From The Weekly Standard via Weasel Zippers:

The White House today released letters from little kids pleading for gun control, just hours before President Obama is to release a comprehensive proposal to limit guns and ammunition. The letters were released to the Associated Press in what appears to be a coordinated effort to help shape the narrative the day of Obama’s announcement.

It’s a textbook, time honored, two-tiered “for the children” approach.

The letters are like this one. If kids wrote to the White House to call for action on the hundreds of thousands of babies abortion kills every year or all the debt they’re being saddled with would the White House release those?

Unfortunately it’s too late to schedule a press conference to start just after Obama is finished featuring children whose lives have been saved by people with guns:

Update: I just posted a list of the 23 executive orders Obama signed today, along with a few other things. Guns now fall partly under the purview of the health care system and the CDC? Just how the Founders envisioned, no doubt.

Author: Doug Powers

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