Inauguration Luncheon: Any Body Language Experts in the House?

John Boehner sat next to Michelle Obama at the several thousand calorie lunch after the inauguration. As Boehner chatted it up with the president, he made a couple of remarks to FLOTUS. Anybody want to take a crack at reading her body language in this short clip?

Judging from Michelle’s reaction, somebody wanted to focus on her food without interruption. I think Boehner asked her if she wanted to duck out back for a smoke with him.

Bonus Inauguration Day coverage: Bill Clinton, the 2013 Father of the Year, was in attendance:


More than likely Kelly Clarkson later got invited to some special room.

Update: As it turns out my semi-joke of a guess about what Boehner said to make Michelle roll her eyes wasn’t too far off base.

Author: Doug Powers

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