Obama Whopper of the Day

President Obama started off his second term with a doozy:


But if you don’t want to be punished with a baby, Obama’s associates will be more than happy to direct you to the appropriate services.

Is this the record of a pro-choice moderate?

–Blocked IL law: Born Alive Infant Protection Act. (Oct 2011)
–Opposed born-alive treatment law because it was already law. (Oct 2008)
–Rated 100% by NARAL on pro-choice votes in 2005, 2006 & 2007. (Jan 2008)
–Voted against banning partial birth abortion. (Oct 2007)
–Supports Roe v. Wade. (Jul 1998)
–Voted NO on defining unborn child as eligible for SCHIP. (Mar 2008)
–Voted NO on prohibiting minors crossing state lines for abortion. (Mar 2008)
–Voted YES on expanding research to more embryonic stem cell lines. (Apr 2007)
–Voted NO on notifying parents of minors who get out-of-state abortions. (Jul 2006)

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Author: Doug Powers

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