Pro Abortion Group’s Macabre Ad: Hey Baby, it’s the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade… Aww Yeah!

Here’s an actual “Happy Anniversary, Roe v. Wade” video from the Center for Reproductive Rights featuring some actor I’ve never heard of who has appeared in some shows I’ve never watched. Unbelievably, it’s not a twisted parody — at least not intentionally.

Keep in mind as you watch that 55 million babies have been sucked from the womb and discarded since SCOTUS affirmed abortion — so let’s get it on!

Alternate video title: “Hey baby, if I ever knock you up it’s nice to know I won’t have to take responsibility for it… right?

So the feminists are cool with this? I guess so.

And what about stereotypes? It’s been asked if anybody will be angry that these abortion-peddlers used a black man to shill for the number one killer in the black community? “Paging Jesse Jackson!” (cue crickets)

(h/t Weasel Zippers and JWF)

Author: Doug Powers

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