The “Mainstream Media creepy obsession with Obama” story of the week comes to us by way of Pundit Press: Tom Foreman is a CNN “reporter” who few have heard of. Maybe no one’s noticed him because he’s been writing letters to President Barack Obama. Often. Every single day, in fact. For four years. That’s 1,460 […]

After watching Barack Obama get re-elected even after giving the US economy a roundhouse kick to the danglers, the idea that America would put Joe Biden in the White House doesn’t seem as far-fetched as it once did. Plugs is a big sell with the “low information voters” that helped give Obama another four years, […]

Here’s an actual “Happy Anniversary, Roe v. Wade” video from the Center for Reproductive Rights featuring some actor I’ve never heard of who has appeared in some shows I’ve never watched. Unbelievably, it’s not a twisted parody — at least not intentionally. Keep in mind as you watch that 55 million babies have been sucked […]

President Obama started off his second term with a doozy: But if you don’t want to be punished with a baby, Obama’s associates will be more than happy to direct you to the appropriate services. Is this the record of a pro-choice moderate? –Blocked IL law: Born Alive Infant Protection Act. (Oct 2011) –Opposed born-alive […]

John Boehner sat next to Michelle Obama at the several thousand calorie lunch after the inauguration. As Boehner chatted it up with the president, he made a couple of remarks to FLOTUS. Anybody want to take a crack at reading her body language in this short clip? Judging from Michelle’s reaction, somebody wanted to focus […]

Actor and “green” activist Leonardo DiCaprio has been working a lot and will be taking a break. Here’s what the environmentalist will be doing with the off time: “I would like to improve the world a bit. I will fly around the world doing good for the environment,” added DiCaprio, in comments published in German. […]

Time for the Obamabots’ noon feeding: Organizing for Action: The campaign never ends. Be on the lookout for subsequent launches of initiatives such as “Organizing for Organizing” and “Don’t Even Think About Stopping Organizing.” Update: Isn’t it fitting that the “rich need to pay more in taxes” bunch would provide the wealthy with a tax […]

Those darn violent Tea Partiers are at it again! Oh, wait: A Wisconsin activist was arrested Tuesday at the state Capitol building just hours before Governor Scott Walker was to deliver his State of the State Address to Wisconsin lawmakers. The man, Kvon R. Smith, had reportedly used Facebook to threaten to do harm at […]

I don’t think I’ll be able to watch Obama’s speech today — I’m not in the mood to get nauseous and I’m fresh out of Pepto Bismol and Dramamine. From The Weekly Standard via Weasel Zippers: The White House today released letters from little kids pleading for gun control, just hours before President Obama is […]

Later this week, Sheriff Joe Biden is expected to make recommendations to the president as what steps can be taken, in Plugs’ mind anyway, that will reduce gun violence. The White House is reportedly eyeing 19 suggested executive actions, including giving the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention authority on guns (which could come in […]

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