For now this is a private program, but don’t think for a second that it isn’t perking up the ears of the welfare state proponents in Washington, DC: If you are struggling to buy food and supplies for your pets, there may be help for you. Pets are like members of the family, so when […]

Chuck Hagel was confirmed as defense secretary yesterday 58 to 41. Only four Republicans voted in favor of confirmation. Good enough for President Obama to refer to as “bipartisan”: President Obama saluted the Senate vote: “With the bipartisan confirmation of Chuck Hagel as our next Secretary of Defense, we will have the defense secretary our […]

It’s official now… President Obama will no doubt go down in history as “Barack the Humble”: “You know, the one thing about being president is, after four years, you get pretty humble. You’d think maybe you wouldn’t but actually you become more humble — you realize what you don’t know,” Obama said. “You realize all […]

It was? Co-anchor George Stephanopoulos compared Mrs. Obama’s appearance at the Oscars, Sunday, to the real mission in the movie Argo: Rescuing American hostages from Iran. He thrilled over the secretive appearance: “Producers go undercover to the White House in a move straight out of Argo.” Elizabeth Vargas echoed, “It was like something out of […]

I suppose it does make sense that one of the Obamas should feel compelled to make an appearance as a thank-you. After all, about 98 percent of the people in that audience supported them: The Academy Awards suddenly turned into the Michelle Obama Oscars when Jack Nicholson told the audience a special guest was joining […]

For a few months up to now, President Obama’s Cabinet members had been kept under wraps as far as talking about the effects the looming sequestration could have on the day-to-day lives of Americans. Now, however, is the time for maximum fear mongering, so in addition to the White House’s usual display of human props […]

I have to admit that the “climate change” sham is brilliantly devised. If it’s colder than normal, that’s evidence of man-caused climate change. If it’s warmer than usual, that’s evidence of man-caused climate change. And now politicians who are killing the economy and putting people out of work (where they all too often stay) can […]

It’s a fairly slow news day and I’ve got about a half dozen things to get done, so feel free to talk about whatever’s going on in the world. To get us started, I present to you the chyron graphic of the day, courtesy of CNN during their coverage of this story: In that case, […]

For months the White House has been pinning the “it was the video” talking points on regarding the Benghazi attack on Susan Rice and/or the intelligence community, but not surprisingly the trail is leading to the top. Yesterday, Jay Carney said that on the night of the attack, President Obama spoke with Hillary Clinton at […]

As evidenced in his speech yesterday, President Obama continues to blame the upcoming “sequester” cuts on Republicans, while warning of dire consequences: Surrounding himself with a group of emergency responders whose jobs he said are on the line, Obama said the looming “sequester” of $85 billion would weaken national defense, disaster response, health care, education, […]

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