California Faces Obamacare-Induced Doctor Shortage; May ‘Redefine’ Who Can Provide Healthcare


Couple this with an exodus of people from the medical profession along with the millions who will lose their job-based coverage who will be subsequently unable to see the “government” doctor (due to shortages, rationings, poor training and simple unavailabilities as you’ll read below), and the odds are that Obamacare will usher in an era of fewer people getting proper health care than there were before the law was passed.

From the LA Times:

As the state moves to expand healthcare coverage to millions of Californians under President Obama’s healthcare law, it faces a major obstacle: There aren’t enough doctors to treat a crush of newly insured patients.

Some lawmakers want to fill the gap by redefining who can provide healthcare.

They are working on proposals that would allow physician assistants to treat more patients and nurse practitioners to set up independent practices. Pharmacists and optometrists could act as primary care providers, diagnosing and managing some chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and high-blood pressure.

“We’re going to be mandating that every single person in this state have insurance,” said state Sen. Ed Hernandez (D-West Covina), chairman of the Senate Health Committee and leader of the effort to expand professional boundaries. “What good is it if they are going to have a health insurance card but no access to doctors?”

Fortunately this is in California, where there is no shortage of doctors who “play one on TV,” which are allowed to become practicing physicians (see the “Marcus Welby Clause” of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, page 816, subsection 9B of section 4.3C)

The possible future of doctor visits, thanks to Obamacare (language warning):

(h/t Michelle Malkin)

Author: Doug Powers

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