Pair of Colorado Dems Explain How to Protect Yourself Without Carrying a Gun

Why you don’t need to carry a gun to effectively protect yourself…

First up, Colorado Dem State Rep. Joe Salazar has a twofold message for women on campus: 1) You shouldn’t carry a gun because what do you think they invented rape whistles and call boxes for? And 2) You shouldn’t carry a gun because you might shoot somebody just because you incorrectly believed that person was planning to do you harm (you know how impulsive women can be), even though the man was in fact only observing you… maybe because he was doing research for his job as a Colorado state legislator or something like that:

From the on-deck circle, Colorado State Senator Jesse Ulibarry adds another effective way to defend yourself from a crazed gunman without carrying a gun yourself: Ball point pens:

This is exactly why the security guards who protect the Colorado State Legislature are armed with nothing except scissors, BICs and rape whistles. Or maybe not.

Author: Doug Powers

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