Barack ‘the Sequester is the Fault of Republicans’ Obama in 2011: I Will Veto Any Efforts to Undo the Sequester

As evidenced in his speech yesterday, President Obama continues to blame the upcoming “sequester” cuts on Republicans, while warning of dire consequences:

Surrounding himself with a group of emergency responders whose jobs he said are on the line, Obama said the looming “sequester” of $85 billion would weaken national defense, disaster response, health care, education, energy development, medical research, border security, FBI investigations, federal prosecutions, air traffic control and airport security.

The cuts are “not smart,” “not fair,” and “people will lose their jobs,” Obama said.

However, the sequester was not only partly the White House’s idea, but last year President Obama threatened to veto any efforts to undo the cuts. But don’t take my word for it:

Meanwhile, the Pentagon announced plans for 800,000 civilian layoffs due to the sequester that President Obama blames Republicans for but President Obama demanded remain in the spending bill. Nobody in our illustrious press corps seems to be asking Obama why he signed the bill if the sequester is so horrible. I guess the MSM’s too busy getting the scoop on Tiger (breaking: Obama’s got an “amazing touch” on the golf course).

(h/t Gateway Pundit)

Author: Doug Powers

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