It was?

Co-anchor George Stephanopoulos compared Mrs. Obama’s appearance at the Oscars, Sunday, to the real mission in the movie Argo: Rescuing American hostages from Iran. He thrilled over the secretive appearance: “Producers go undercover to the White House in a move straight out of Argo.” Elizabeth Vargas echoed, “It was like something out of Argo.” The hostages in Iran faced death, not the revelation of a TV appearance.

The MSM loves to compare President Obama to the movie The American President, and now FLOTUS has her movie: Argo. Because broadcasting a video feed live from Washington, DC to Hollywood is just like rescuing a half dozen people from certain death in Iran during the Islamic revolution.

What I think some of these Obamaphile media types are missing with this comparison is that “Argo” was a fake film — it was just a front used as cover for other efforts. To that end, maybe Argo is worthy as a comparison to “Hope & Change” in general, but not to the First Lady’s appearance at the Oscars.

In any case, after what happened in Benghazi you think these people would be a little embarrassed to bring up the topic of daring and successful embassy rescues, but it’s quite the opposite:

Some days the fawning is more nauseating than others. That was one of those stomach-turners that even Dramamine can’t touch.


2 Responses to “ABC News Hosts: Michelle Obama’s Oscar Appearance Was Like Something Out of Argo”

  1. Marshall_Will on February 26th, 2013 6:35 pm

    Desperately trying to keep that victory lap feel alive w/ follow-ups to bangs, balls and whatever festivities that can possibly be resurrected.

    Doug I think it's safe to label this one Epic FAIL. And just what every taxpayer needs, tighter bonds between H'wood and the WH! Like MM said; They [ the Obama's ] should just move to Hollywood and get it over with."

  2. SignPainterGuy on February 26th, 2013 9:04 pm

    RE; "The American President" and the comparison between the actor Michael Douglas (Pres. Andrew Sheppard) and BHO; only in Hollyweird does any politician, especially a dem Pres., stand up to attacks and and stand strong.

    As I recall, Barry "said" for the charges to be directed at him, not a subordinate, but wasn`t the first thing he did in response to blame placed on him was to point his finger elsewhere ?

    As a political cartoon portrayed the Obama version; "The buck stops … over there !"

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