Even ABC News Can’t Ignore the Pettiness of Obama’s Canceling of White House Tours

Diane Sawyer and the other reporter don’t come right out and say that of course, but it certainly is implied that canceling White House tours is a childish move intended to make the sequester as visibly painful as possible while “saving” very little:

This one’s a total PR backfire for Team Obama. Not that they care.

However, if the publicity gets too negative, here’s what I can see happening: The cost of White House tours equals about two hours of operation for Air Force One. With that in mind, President Obama might one day come out and say “I’ve canceled a scheduled trip to XXXXXX, which will save four hours of flight time for Air Force One at $XXXXXX per hour. I’m ordering the money that was budgeted for that flight to be put into the White House tours program. We cannot allow these draconian cuts that had to be put into place because the Republicans refuse to make the rich pay their fare share be a detriment to the education of our nation’s children and their ability to learn about the history of our country by visiting this historic house.”

(h/t Weasel Zippers)

Author: Doug Powers

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