Obama’s Brother Loses Big in Kenya Election

President Obama obviously never taught his older half brother the one key in securing a successful run at public office: Organize a local chapter of ACORN and the rest is gravy.

From the New York Observer:

President Barack Obama’s half-brother, Abong’o Malik Obama, won’t be the second member of his family to launch a political career. Mr. Obama was defeated in his bid to be governor of Kenya’s Siaya County this week by what seems to have been a very large margin.

Fairly large margin indeed:


So much for name recognition. But this is a good thing — the world economy would collapse twice as fast with two Obamas in political office.

Irony alert: Malik Obama believes he may have been the victim of vote fraud. His campaign should have consulted with an expert on that topic long before the election.

Author: Doug Powers

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