Alleged N. Korea Propaganda Video: Life in America

Update: I figured this was too good to be true. Well, mostly. The video is in fact from the NK state-run media about the “failure of Europe’s democracy,” but the narration is fake. It’s pretty close to the kind of stuff they put out though.

To sum it up, poverty runs rampant, we all subsist on diets of birds, snow and heroin, and we’re grateful to our government for the lousy handouts:

Did the Nork propaganda department nail American life in the age of Hope & Change, or what?

Seriously though, this could backfire on Kim Jong-un, because based on this video some of his people might still consider the U.S. a step up from where they are.

Max Fisher at the Washington Post:

Ironically, the video portrays American life as somewhat like the darkest days of North Korea’s 1990s famine, though with much more violence and drug addiction. Wired’s Spencer Ackerman points out, “As with much great trolling, North Korea is taking some of its great weaknesses — the grinding poverty, food shortages and official bellicosity — and projecting them onto its adversary.”

For personal reasons, the video didn’t show one of the scariest aspects of America: Dennis Rodman.

Author: Doug Powers

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