Former Sen. Larry Craig Argues He Should Be Able to Use Campaign Funds for Legal Defense Because Airport Restroom Shoe-Tappin’ Was Part of His Job


Former Sen. Larry “Tappy” Craig is back in the news. You’d think he’d just shut up, pay the freight and move on to spare himself further embarrassment from his 2007 arrest for attempted cottaging, but it’s not to be. Now Craig’s lawyers are arguing that his using campaign money for legal defense was within the law because Craig did his bathroom tap routine while on official business:

If you recall, Craig, a Republican from Idaho, was arrested during a sting at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Craig used a bathroom there during a layover, when an undercover officer said Craig sexually solicited him by tapping his foot.

Craig pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor but after his case became public he tried to renege.

The Federal Elections Commission sued him for using more than $216,000 in campaign money for that legal fight.

The Associated Press reports today a federal judge “sounded skeptical” over Craig’s defense.

Sitting on a toilet looking for a taxpayer to screw could pass as an official congressional duty, so maybe Craig’s on to something there.

Author: Doug Powers

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